Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where my fortune lies

Photos are from 'that' shop around the corner from where i lived in Fitzroy

So, it was my last day in Melbourne, i was lucky to get out in the end, Tiger airways were grounded due to some Volcano in Chile acting up and getting ash all up in the air, anyways, all this ment i had another week to try and be normal and hang out.

So there was a woman doing Tarot cards in the market, i had a quick chat, she wanted $40, no dice, i went around again, eventually i came back i told her about the palm reader in Nimbin, she seemed interested, she said i'll do it for $20, we were on, I had to ask a series of questions, here's what she told me.

Will Brisbane go well for me?

  • Let go of the past, i'm not appreciating what i have
  • I wear myself out, i'm emotionally exhausted
  • Let go of the past
  • I'm a really good guy (surprise surprise?)
  • I think too much of the past
  • I'm about to make a good decision
  • Theres a dominant woman in my life
  • I will have a happy family
  • Stop worrying about relationships, one is coming
  • Something will happen, it will be a blessing in disguise in Brisbane and i will meet a chick that is surrounded in money, she likes gardening
  • Brisbane wont work out the way i think
  • I will build an empire, i am building my soul right now
  • She also told me to look at houses in North Melbourne as they are cheap, of the zone 1 lot (i dont think so)

Will i come back to Melbourne? 

  • I might come back for legal reasons or medical reasons
  • I will be over my heart break by then
  • I will be married
  • I would go back because i have to, it would be a big decision
  • If i come back it would be for a pure balanced life
  • The chick i meet might be from Melbourne 

So then, i had one last question, i asked the chick, 'Whats a good question?', she said, 'Ask about the job', i said, 'I'm not worried about that', then she said 'Guidance?' So we went with that

I am physic
I can make money
Stay in relationships that are good for me
I like the rough road, i'm a Porche on a rocky road
I will make a lot of money
Be careful about the choices i make
Some legal or medical thing, it will sort it's self out
I will build an empire, i wil make lots of money
I might have 3 or 4 houses
I need to see the future before i commit to it

The last card was 'Guidance Transformation'

Butterfly maiden
'You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessing'

I looked it up

Succinctly put, the butterfly in our Tarot readings will whisper messages like:
  • I am taking an inside look at my thoughts and beliefs.
  • With purposeful intent, I am changing my thoughts about things.
  • I am maturing in my perspectives about life and my environment.
  • I am going through a period of inner transformation which causes outer transformation.

I do remember he telling me to listen to the voices in my head, my intuition, and something about drinking too much.

Ok, I am paying attention...again!

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