Thursday, 18 August 2011

Do you believe?

So last night i watched a video by Simon Sinek on, it was about inspiring people and it was quite interesting.

Who ever he is, he seems to be an interesting fellow.

Some of the main points included:
People do business that believe what you believe
To successfully communicate, you communicate from the inside out, as in you communicate with their
A, Limbic level i.e feelings, trust loyalty, then you communicate with their (Why? then How?)
B, Homo sapian level i.e. rational thought  (What?)
Communicating from the inside out i,e gut feelings
The part of the brain that controls decision making, is separate from the language (homo sapian) part of the brain
He gave an example of the Apple computer marketing strategy for that one. 
If you talk about what you believe, you will attract people that believe what you believe
'When you tune into what people believe, they will make an effort in Causes, not for you, but for themselves'
He gave an example of Martin Luther king example for this one, people were interested in the movement, he was just the voice, people believed in the movement, it was bigger than him

It was quite interesting how he gave an example of the Wright Brothers first flight versus some other guy that had too much money and resources, that only wanted fame and fortune from being able to fly.

When he heard of the Wright brothers flight, he quit and gave up, the difference, he wanted fame and fortune, the Wright brothers BELIEVED flying would change the world.

Have a look for yourself

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