Friday, 19 August 2011

Fraiser Island is an island and i went there

So, a guy called Chris posted a message saying he wanted to go to Fraiser Island, it's one of the things your supposed to see and do, when you 'Do Australia', all i had to do was meet him at the train station, and i did.

Here's what went down.

I met Chris, the evening before, originally i was supposed to meet him at 6.15am at some train station, since i'm still a bit 'dicey' in my head as to how trains work here in Brisbane, i opted to sleep on the Chris couch for the night and jump in the car the next day. That was my strategy, and it worked.

The next character to enter the story, is Jill, the token American that considers herself an 'Aussie', fair enough.

Was Ned there too?

In America you can live 23 years in New Jersey and move to San Diego for 3 years and consider yourself from 'New Jersey', Canada too, oh how it makes me laugh!

The car was loaded with all essential items, and there was only 3 of us, it was like we were going to the moon, since i didn't bother finding out what was 'actually' involved in going, who was i to argue?

We picked up 2 other's at some train station, one chick from Singapore, Yvonne and Matt from France, and they were bang on time.

Matt had been out the night before and didn't get any sleep, he slept on the way, hardcore!

Maheno wreck

It's a Queenslander thing
I remember someone telling me years ago about somewhere in Queensland when they go camping, they pull up in the beaches and every camp has a XXXX flag (beer company in Queensland)

At one point, i had a realisation and i was like
 'Oh, it must of been here they were on about' 
So, before we got there, there were beers to be drank and i was on the job, and there is 120kms of beach on either side of the island and i got on that too, i think i need a bit of balance i my life and running on the beach did the trick.

The toilet was 1.5 kms away, it was a good way to exercise, run to the toilet, by the time i got there i definitely needed to go.

Home sweet home

The friends of Chis seemed to bring everything, including the sink, they had their own hot showers, what's the point of going camping to have all the conveniences of home?

Not my thing, you know you've been camping when turning to the light to go to the toilet is a marvellous thing, and it is, it's just that i forget it sometimes

Like it says

Well to cut a long story short, the beach is considered a highway, cops use breathalyser's and the locals are getting into the beer at 7am.

Another thing they are doing is fishing, you'll see 2 guys in a jeep, with 8 rods strapped to the outside of the jeep.

Another thing, it seems like the same way women have fashion, the men have their 4 wheel drives, it one big 4 wheel drive fashion show, everyone is checking out each other's cars.

Only 4 wheel drives are allowed on the Island, real men, drinking beer and fishin', it's quite a sight, no poofters, no cocktails, purple velvet clothes, thank you very much.

Just macho men like this....but not that

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