Thursday, 11 August 2011

I got a cheap ticket to Splendour in the grass and here's what i can remember...

So there was this big festival on, not that far from where i am, since i missed out on the Roskilder festival this year, and had to sell my ticket cheap to some one in Denmark, my brain got to thinking......

Hmmm, i wonder if someone cant go, maybe they will sell me their ticket, chirpy, chirp, cheap, cheep?

So anyways i looked on, there were people bidding, i didn't have the time, so i looked on and i saw some guy in the West End here in Brisbane had an ad, which was something like
I have $250 cash for you here in the West End, if you want to sell me your ticket ...
So i copied it, changed the name, number, location and reposted it

Some guy in Western Australia couldn't go, so i got his ticket for $250, full price was $530, deal!


So, i saw on couch surfing, some guy wanted to go early, the festival started on Friday, the camping ground opened on Friday, so i thought to myself, no point hanging around here, it could be Confest all over again, so off i went.

I got the train to the end of the line, to Cooluture and i thought i'd wing it, since i wasn't the only one going, it would be obvious.

I walked around the town, looking for signs of festival people and then i saw some chicks in a park with bags, so i made friends, they ordered a taxi, the taxi would be there in 3 hours, all i had to do was wait

I remember watching this...from a safe distance

 So we waited, taxi came, we got in and drove, for much longer than i thought, about 40 min, it was much longer than i thought, but then again, i didn't bother doing any research, so what was i expecting at all?

I didn't see DJ Shadow

There was a rumour's that Jay Z was after flying in, from many sources, and all i got was Kanye West, the bogans loved him, he did his job i guess, his dancers were amazing, they reminded me of 'The rocketts' in New York

The Rocketts (without Kanye)

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