Monday, 26 September 2011

Leaving Bris-Vegas

So, i'm off tomorrow, i thought i should write something, but nothing comes to mind, so i thought i might as well 'Free style' something and see where i go, who knows it might be worth reading, it might be good enough for the internet? But is the internet good enough for it?

But first, i remember singing this to myself when i was leaving Las Vegas

I met a crazy, well educated American, that drank his own piss in Mexico, he told me he tried hitch hiking out of Vegas, he gave up after 2 days and walked into the desert to die, obviously he didn't die

So, Bris vegas let us review, shall we?

I came up to Brisbane, to do a life changing tingey, while i was busy applying for jobs, i did a bit of cycling, getting to know the place, before long, i started running, cooking every meal, this week, i started swimming, and hey presto, i feel fit, i think i might even look it too, truth be told.

So, the change isn't what i expected, but it's better than i could have expected, i dont make any money, i dont spend much money, it's perfect, why do you need money again?

Running is free, i've been running 10kms in 30 minutes, and i've been feeling a millon $, hip hip hurrah!!

And what better time to do all this running and staying in at night, except when you dont have much money, if i was loaded, the temptation would be to go out, it's too easy to say no, when you have to say no, and i feel much better for it too!

An over lap is on the way!

Other bonuses of Brisbane, i've been doing a bit of reading, the one thing that's stuck in my mind now is some words from Osho, when it comes to the future, he pretty much says, if you can be conscious of what your doing and you can use your intelligence, everything will be fine, it's pretty much the same attitude Gandhi had too, it's interesting how the 2 overlap.


So, Jon Mercer was saying, if you want to transform your life, the easiest way to start is to transform your body and thats exactly whats happened for me.

I've stopped smoking, hopefully for ever, i have a new focus in life, getting up to go running/gym in the morning, it's the new drug of choice.

The Tarot card reader in the Fitzroy markets told me in, if i went back to Melbourne, it would be for a pure and balanced life, i'm going back and it will be more balanced than before, maybe i wont need a crash helmet going down the road for a bottle of milk?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Do everything...

I like this so much, i had to put it somewhere, so it goes here

Well whats new? Nothing's new and everything's new...

Let me explain, since i've been in Brisbane, i've been doing a bit of cycling, then i went to a festival called 'Splendour in the grass' and lost a bit of weight, a good thing, i felt so good, i decided to join the 'Fit N' Fast' gym, that is very near my house.

Bridge to Brisbane

From cycling, my legs were strong enough to run, so I did a little bit of running, no problems and i heard about this 'Bridge to Brisbane' race that was coming up, so i decided, since i had nothing to lose and nothing better to do, i would train for the run and that training, has now turned into an obsession.

Not this kind of obsession...

Yes, an obsession, every morning when i wake up, before i know it, i'm off out the door to get a dose of endorphines and it feels very good, the sun is shining, life is perfect!

A great achievement, for me

Now, when i first arrived in Australia, i was 75 kilos, since then i have never been able to et my weight down to that level, since i always had problems with my knees, since i over did them cycling up hills about 15 years ago.

Well anyway, it seems things have changed, my knees are good now, as long as i warm up and stretch, i have normal knees, hip hip hurrah!!

It pays to have happy knees!

So came to Brisbane, for a lifestyle change, but the change happened in me and about time too!!

I was reading some Osho, his book on 'Joy' this morning, he was saying, if you want to change the world, you first have to change yourself. You cant help others until you've done that, you are only distracting yourself and creating more problems in the world.

Once you've changed yourself, you can understand what the real problems are, and thats an interesting point there.

Now that i'm into running, i am able to see Melbourne in a different way, only because i will be doing different things, that's more than enough of a change for me, only because it will be a huge one!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011


These videos are from last week, another excellent day sailing in the bay, in Brisbane.

I'm commenting in these videos, so why bother with words...enjoy!

Friday, 16 September 2011

The west end festival came and went....i didn't?

Derby girl and me

So, one fine day i went to the West End festival, i had a German Couch surfer in tow, we went together in fact, and caught the parade (videos to follow), it was all during the festival, so everything was cool, maybe great, possibly great.

The warm up

I have to see, seeing the parade, which wasn't bad, all i could think was, 'Melbourne would be better', as nice as the West End is and all, it's not much, when you've had the best, in Australia that is.

Note to reader: It's no wonder that houses in Australia in Fitzroy are the most expensive in Australia, but thats another story

A taste of Brazil?

Festival time in Brisbane......

...and by the time i get to Melbourne, it will be the Melbourne festival, hip hip hurrah!!

But here's a taste of the Bris Vegas festival

 I saw a business advertised recently in Brisbane, the address of the business was listed as 'Briz Vegas' not Brisbane, or maybe i'm thinking of a differnt place?

Either way, you should (because you can) think about that one!

A band of frequencies 

Street entertainment, in Southbank 

Check it out

River fire, just like making love...there was fireworks, or weren't you there?

...and thats whats it's all about!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Arise intelligence....and save us all

So, i'm having a bit of a read of Osho's book called 'Intelligence, the creative response to now', i'm also reading Slash's autobiography, 'It sounds excessive, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen', it did happen as hard as any of it can believed.

It's a strange combination of books to be reading, but one i'm finding very enjoyable indeed.

There are many great stories and lessons from both books, i probably should be writing them down, but i'm not, so lets freestyle it a little bit and see where we go shall we?

A little bit of Slash?

Osho made an interesting point of...
'One has to accept life with all it's problems. One has to go through life unprotected, one has to seek and search ones way. Life is an opportunity, a challenge, to find yourself. But the fool does not want to go the hard way, the fool chooses the shortcut'
He says by following Buddha or Jesus, how can you become intelligent?
You will not provide any chance for your intelligence to explode.
It needs a challenging life, an adventurous life, a life that knows how to risk and how to go into the unknown, for intelligence to arise. 
And only intelligence can save you - nobody else.
Your intelligence, mind you, your own awareness, can become your own nirvana.
Be a light onto yourself and you will be wise, let others become your leaders, your guides, and you will remain stupid, and you will go on missing all the treasures of life, which are yours.
The lord Buddha spent a bit of time under a tree, he gained enlightenment

Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the desert and it, er... it went really well, i'm led to believe?

Jesus, deserted, no ice cream!

And I, and I dear reader will have spent 90, yes 90 days and nights in Queensland, this time and i will be going back to Melbourne, more enlightened that i left and i know a little about sailing too!

Now that i can see my life a different way, 'nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so', so said Shakespeare   my own awareness, can become my nirvana, but i needed a change, to change. The change happened on the inside, particularly with being 'able' to run, it's been great, it's become a bit of a passion, i'm fitter, i've lost weight, in all the right places.


It's been the change i've wanted, so it's interesting how Osho's quote above applies to my life, now that i've learnt and experienced the lesson for myself, i want to go back to Melbourne and kick start life again, with the new me.

It's interesting after re-reading the top part again, maybe Slash's book ties in as he didn't beat himself up too much?

He was always pretty true to his nature, he never compromised himself with anyone, what you saw is what you got, he never tried to be anyone else other than himself, even then he didn't try, because if you have to try, your not being yourself, all you have to do is 'be' and of course he loved destroying stuff, but he tells that story better himself in his book.

A very noble way to spend the day......

....Sailing, that is.

 Let me start at the start, i member reading on the couch surfing groups that, you could go to the yacht club  in Manly, put your name on a list, wait for a captain and go sailing in Moreten bay, not alone.

It would appear, other people in Brisbane dont have jobs either, most are about 30 years older, some wiser than me, some have very good excuses for being out there navigating the high seas, in the name of fun, i just want to enjoy my life. Ok?

Here's what happened...

Heading out


That name again?

Head sail, main sail and goose wing

Old people taking it easy, a little bit too easy!

It was windy

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating.....

So, i went and saw 'The living end' last week, i think (because i know i'm right) that they are currently the best band floating around Australia at the moment, from Melbourne too, they rehearsed in Revolver, the back room, before making their first album, that catapulted them on the scene.

A scene they are still on, very much so. I saw them at Splendour at the grass, i had a ticket to the show i saw in Brisbane, so i was going to see some other band, due to the large crowd at the other band, i retreated to the see The Living end, and i was not disappointed.

I told everyone, they were the best band of the festival, to some this was news, if you were there, you would know.

The name of their latest album is called, 'The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating',  and they have a song by that name, how interesting, i've been thinking about it, it would appear, that this is true for me, let me explain.

But first watch this...

The ending is just...

I've been in Brisbane for about 2 and a half months, it's nice, conservative and all that, i've been out of Melbourne for over 6 months or so and now, Melbourne is calling me back.

This is a cycle i go in and out of, or so it seems to be for me anyways, every few years, i need to get out of Melbourne, it all becomes too, too much, i need to get out, get myself together and then i want back in, and it appears it's happened again, just as Brisbane is giving me what i wanted fitness wise, and job wise, i'm like 'Nah, i want to go home, to Melbourne', the thought of getting stuck in Brisbane, well, it isn't pleasant for me, i'm starved culturally, i need food for the soul.

Maybe the Kubler Ross cycle applies here?

Art house movies at the library are something, but it's not enough.

And so it begins, i sent the messages were sent out, the messages have been received and it looks like it will be an easy process to go back.

Hip hip hurrah!!

Not the kind of roll i came to Brisbane for, but here's the recipe anyways

So, i came here for a change, maybe buy a house, since it's not so easy to get the roles i want, ham and cheese rolls are every where, what change happened?

Change management, made simple

Well, it would appear the change happened in me, yep thats right folks, after spending last year going non stop to the gym, i now realise after training for the Bridge to Brisbane 10 km run, running is the thing for me, it's given me view on life and for me Brisbane has been a huge success, it has helped me see my life differently, surprise, surprise?

Time for a song?

I will take that little win and bring it back to Melbourne and let that little seed that has blossomed in me cultivate, maybe running around 'The tan' (short for the Botanical garden) is the next step?

Who know's? I'm just surprised it's taken me this long to figure this bit out.

Now, i will be going back to Melbourne, for a new beginning, not my first, maybe it wont be my last?

Where before i saw the problems of Melbourne, i now see the challenges, it's so simple to turn situations around in your head!

If you can change your mind, you can change you life and world, i found a story that back up this little rant

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Passion of (fruit cake), Christ (i love it!!!)

Passion fruit cake, it was the best thing ever!! I ate most of it while Joanna kept taking photos, it wasn't even my cake, i thought i was in heaven!!

So, i have to tell you about this cake, it was one of the best things i have ever eaten, i think the following photos will support my claim.

This was the first photo, before i had a taste. Then Johanna took over and decided to document something, i dont know what she was thinking, but pretty soon i knew what i was thinking and it wasn't photos!

There wasn't much eaten at this point....i mean the photo shoot hadn't begun....yet!

I think i'll have another little bit

I would say something like orgasm im my mouth, except that wouldn't at all be my kind of thing, organism? Who knows?

At this point, i thought i had died and gone to heaven!

That hit the spot!!

A masterpiece

At this point point i couldn't believe she was still taking pictures, Germans are so stoopid!! 

It was a great day, thanks Johanna!!

The cafe was called Cliffs Cafe, at Kangaroo point, opposite Southbank

Friday, 2 September 2011

Renewed by today's passion and breakthroughs?

Spring Carnival means different things to different people

So, todays the first day of Spring Carnival, you'll be reading this on the 2nd, so it's the 2nd day, happy 2nd day of Spring Carnival, go on, pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

So, winter is over and just when i'm thinking....
Kieran, you could go back to Melbourne, get a job you really want, it's coming into summer, there will be lots to do, the weather will be like Queensland, some times, some times not, i could go back and tell everyone i just went up north to get a bit of sun for the winter, and drive everyone mad, of course, when they think of all the cold and rain that was getting in their ears
I read this and then go for my first interview of the day

Instead of feeling distracted, wishy-washy, or doubtful, you simply feel bemused to follow your whims wherever they lead. Be sensitive to what makes you unique. 
Sure, sometimes you feel anxious, and life feels overwhelming. But the world needs compassionate, sensitive people like you, who encourage others to consider not just themselves but everyone around them. You'll feel renewed by today's passion and breakthroughs. Be sure to write down your insights, so you can benefit from them later.
And it turns out, it looks like the health care company want me, without saying we want you, they more or less said so, 3 month contract, industry standard rates, November release, i might be the youngest one there, not too much partying there, no crazy nights

I come back for lunch and go to the next one...

Roll on the 2nd interview and they want me too, they told me so, there is a question of $$, what benefit will i get from this Mr Horoscope?

Actually the 2nd role will involve what i did at Startcorp, i will be the sole tester after the previous one departed

  • I would have complete control in a lot of areas 
  • It's in the city, my side of the city
  • They seem more my age, relaxed, flexible
  • There could be lots of socialising
  • I would be a senior guy, off meeting clients
  • I would be delegating work to a team in India
  • I've dont it successfully before in Sydney 
I got another interview with an evil gambling company, based on my calculations, it would be my 2nd choice, if i was driven by money, god knows the financial company is driven by money, so why wouldn't i be.

A quick bit of maths, working out what i would be paid, tells me, the health care company is paying WAY more, per hour.

You can do it here

  1. Determine the annual salary. This should be readily available from human resources. For our example we will use an annual salary of $20,000.
  2. Divide the annual salary by 52 to determine your weekly pay. For our example, this would be $20,000 / 52 = $384.62.
  3. Determine how many hours are worked in an average week. For our example, we will presume a normal 40-hour work week.
  4. Divide the weekly pay by the hours worked per week. For our example this would be $384.62 / 40 = $9.62 per hour.
Read more: How to Calculate an Annual Salary Into an Hourly Rate |

Easy peasy!
I will take the health care company, thank you Mr Horoscope, the contract is over in November anyways and i've never really been into anything permanent anyways.

I have banished all wishy-washy and doubtful from my day!!

Hip hip hurrah!!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I nearly forgot, Fred Negro came and went, this is what i can remember..

Fred's latest comic book, i bought a copy, he signed it for me too!!

He need's the money to send his kid to college, so i gave him $20 for his trouble.

Fred, the Melbourne legend himself was in town, town being Brisbane for Sexpo, i was happily unemployed (i still am, if truth be told) what could i do, i had to go and say hello.

So, i went to say hello, i didn't see Fred, but here are some of the other's i saw there


Mark Anthony

Mark was very funny, well, he got some people to do funny things, one girl was doing quite interesting things to herself, a really good show.

And then there was Alexis Texas 

Lovely, isn't she, it reminds me of a story Frank Zappa told of 'The plaster casters', now a recovering groupie

Next up was Lexi Belle, who was next to Alexis, isnt she beautiful?

I asked some guy if Lexi and Alexis were porn stars, he said 'Mate, they are the biggest names in the business', there you go, a lot of guys wanted their photos with them topless, i wonder what the local parish priest would have to say to that?

My gift to you dear reader!!!!
Free download, seems like and interesting movie, if you download it, send me a review!

There seemed like a lot of people buying battery operated devices, there was one 'device' i was shown, apparently if like 8 tongues at once, a cunning linguist device, good for men or women, i wes led to believe.

All i bought was gel insoles for my shoe, i was so impressed i bought 3 pairs, the best things ever invented and they last years, i left Sexpo with a bounce in my step and a different kind smile on my face, i saw Fred the next night, it was a night to remember.

There is no point telling you about Fred Negro, you have to see it to believe it, so here you go.

Fred sans gĂȘne, with horsey

Fred being himself

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