Monday, 12 September 2011

Arise intelligence....and save us all

So, i'm having a bit of a read of Osho's book called 'Intelligence, the creative response to now', i'm also reading Slash's autobiography, 'It sounds excessive, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen', it did happen as hard as any of it can believed.

It's a strange combination of books to be reading, but one i'm finding very enjoyable indeed.

There are many great stories and lessons from both books, i probably should be writing them down, but i'm not, so lets freestyle it a little bit and see where we go shall we?

A little bit of Slash?

Osho made an interesting point of...
'One has to accept life with all it's problems. One has to go through life unprotected, one has to seek and search ones way. Life is an opportunity, a challenge, to find yourself. But the fool does not want to go the hard way, the fool chooses the shortcut'
He says by following Buddha or Jesus, how can you become intelligent?
You will not provide any chance for your intelligence to explode.
It needs a challenging life, an adventurous life, a life that knows how to risk and how to go into the unknown, for intelligence to arise. 
And only intelligence can save you - nobody else.
Your intelligence, mind you, your own awareness, can become your own nirvana.
Be a light onto yourself and you will be wise, let others become your leaders, your guides, and you will remain stupid, and you will go on missing all the treasures of life, which are yours.
The lord Buddha spent a bit of time under a tree, he gained enlightenment

Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the desert and it, er... it went really well, i'm led to believe?

Jesus, deserted, no ice cream!

And I, and I dear reader will have spent 90, yes 90 days and nights in Queensland, this time and i will be going back to Melbourne, more enlightened that i left and i know a little about sailing too!

Now that i can see my life a different way, 'nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so', so said Shakespeare   my own awareness, can become my nirvana, but i needed a change, to change. The change happened on the inside, particularly with being 'able' to run, it's been great, it's become a bit of a passion, i'm fitter, i've lost weight, in all the right places.


It's been the change i've wanted, so it's interesting how Osho's quote above applies to my life, now that i've learnt and experienced the lesson for myself, i want to go back to Melbourne and kick start life again, with the new me.

It's interesting after re-reading the top part again, maybe Slash's book ties in as he didn't beat himself up too much?

He was always pretty true to his nature, he never compromised himself with anyone, what you saw is what you got, he never tried to be anyone else other than himself, even then he didn't try, because if you have to try, your not being yourself, all you have to do is 'be' and of course he loved destroying stuff, but he tells that story better himself in his book.

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