Monday, 19 September 2011

Do everything...

I like this so much, i had to put it somewhere, so it goes here

Well whats new? Nothing's new and everything's new...

Let me explain, since i've been in Brisbane, i've been doing a bit of cycling, then i went to a festival called 'Splendour in the grass' and lost a bit of weight, a good thing, i felt so good, i decided to join the 'Fit N' Fast' gym, that is very near my house.

Bridge to Brisbane

From cycling, my legs were strong enough to run, so I did a little bit of running, no problems and i heard about this 'Bridge to Brisbane' race that was coming up, so i decided, since i had nothing to lose and nothing better to do, i would train for the run and that training, has now turned into an obsession.

Not this kind of obsession...

Yes, an obsession, every morning when i wake up, before i know it, i'm off out the door to get a dose of endorphines and it feels very good, the sun is shining, life is perfect!

A great achievement, for me

Now, when i first arrived in Australia, i was 75 kilos, since then i have never been able to et my weight down to that level, since i always had problems with my knees, since i over did them cycling up hills about 15 years ago.

Well anyway, it seems things have changed, my knees are good now, as long as i warm up and stretch, i have normal knees, hip hip hurrah!!

It pays to have happy knees!

So came to Brisbane, for a lifestyle change, but the change happened in me and about time too!!

I was reading some Osho, his book on 'Joy' this morning, he was saying, if you want to change the world, you first have to change yourself. You cant help others until you've done that, you are only distracting yourself and creating more problems in the world.

Once you've changed yourself, you can understand what the real problems are, and thats an interesting point there.

Now that i'm into running, i am able to see Melbourne in a different way, only because i will be doing different things, that's more than enough of a change for me, only because it will be a huge one!!

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