Friday, 9 September 2011

The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating.....

So, i went and saw 'The living end' last week, i think (because i know i'm right) that they are currently the best band floating around Australia at the moment, from Melbourne too, they rehearsed in Revolver, the back room, before making their first album, that catapulted them on the scene.

A scene they are still on, very much so. I saw them at Splendour at the grass, i had a ticket to the show i saw in Brisbane, so i was going to see some other band, due to the large crowd at the other band, i retreated to the see The Living end, and i was not disappointed.

I told everyone, they were the best band of the festival, to some this was news, if you were there, you would know.

The name of their latest album is called, 'The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating',  and they have a song by that name, how interesting, i've been thinking about it, it would appear, that this is true for me, let me explain.

But first watch this...

The ending is just...

I've been in Brisbane for about 2 and a half months, it's nice, conservative and all that, i've been out of Melbourne for over 6 months or so and now, Melbourne is calling me back.

This is a cycle i go in and out of, or so it seems to be for me anyways, every few years, i need to get out of Melbourne, it all becomes too, too much, i need to get out, get myself together and then i want back in, and it appears it's happened again, just as Brisbane is giving me what i wanted fitness wise, and job wise, i'm like 'Nah, i want to go home, to Melbourne', the thought of getting stuck in Brisbane, well, it isn't pleasant for me, i'm starved culturally, i need food for the soul.

Maybe the Kubler Ross cycle applies here?

Art house movies at the library are something, but it's not enough.

And so it begins, i sent the messages were sent out, the messages have been received and it looks like it will be an easy process to go back.

Hip hip hurrah!!

Not the kind of roll i came to Brisbane for, but here's the recipe anyways

So, i came here for a change, maybe buy a house, since it's not so easy to get the roles i want, ham and cheese rolls are every where, what change happened?

Change management, made simple

Well, it would appear the change happened in me, yep thats right folks, after spending last year going non stop to the gym, i now realise after training for the Bridge to Brisbane 10 km run, running is the thing for me, it's given me view on life and for me Brisbane has been a huge success, it has helped me see my life differently, surprise, surprise?

Time for a song?

I will take that little win and bring it back to Melbourne and let that little seed that has blossomed in me cultivate, maybe running around 'The tan' (short for the Botanical garden) is the next step?

Who know's? I'm just surprised it's taken me this long to figure this bit out.

Now, i will be going back to Melbourne, for a new beginning, not my first, maybe it wont be my last?

Where before i saw the problems of Melbourne, i now see the challenges, it's so simple to turn situations around in your head!

If you can change your mind, you can change you life and world, i found a story that back up this little rant

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