Thursday, 1 September 2011

I nearly forgot, Fred Negro came and went, this is what i can remember..

Fred's latest comic book, i bought a copy, he signed it for me too!!

He need's the money to send his kid to college, so i gave him $20 for his trouble.

Fred, the Melbourne legend himself was in town, town being Brisbane for Sexpo, i was happily unemployed (i still am, if truth be told) what could i do, i had to go and say hello.

So, i went to say hello, i didn't see Fred, but here are some of the other's i saw there


Mark Anthony

Mark was very funny, well, he got some people to do funny things, one girl was doing quite interesting things to herself, a really good show.

And then there was Alexis Texas 

Lovely, isn't she, it reminds me of a story Frank Zappa told of 'The plaster casters', now a recovering groupie

Next up was Lexi Belle, who was next to Alexis, isnt she beautiful?

I asked some guy if Lexi and Alexis were porn stars, he said 'Mate, they are the biggest names in the business', there you go, a lot of guys wanted their photos with them topless, i wonder what the local parish priest would have to say to that?

My gift to you dear reader!!!!
Free download, seems like and interesting movie, if you download it, send me a review!

There seemed like a lot of people buying battery operated devices, there was one 'device' i was shown, apparently if like 8 tongues at once, a cunning linguist device, good for men or women, i wes led to believe.

All i bought was gel insoles for my shoe, i was so impressed i bought 3 pairs, the best things ever invented and they last years, i left Sexpo with a bounce in my step and a different kind smile on my face, i saw Fred the next night, it was a night to remember.

There is no point telling you about Fred Negro, you have to see it to believe it, so here you go.

Fred sans gĂȘne, with horsey

Fred being himself

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