Monday, 26 September 2011

Leaving Bris-Vegas

So, i'm off tomorrow, i thought i should write something, but nothing comes to mind, so i thought i might as well 'Free style' something and see where i go, who knows it might be worth reading, it might be good enough for the internet? But is the internet good enough for it?

But first, i remember singing this to myself when i was leaving Las Vegas

I met a crazy, well educated American, that drank his own piss in Mexico, he told me he tried hitch hiking out of Vegas, he gave up after 2 days and walked into the desert to die, obviously he didn't die

So, Bris vegas let us review, shall we?

I came up to Brisbane, to do a life changing tingey, while i was busy applying for jobs, i did a bit of cycling, getting to know the place, before long, i started running, cooking every meal, this week, i started swimming, and hey presto, i feel fit, i think i might even look it too, truth be told.

So, the change isn't what i expected, but it's better than i could have expected, i dont make any money, i dont spend much money, it's perfect, why do you need money again?

Running is free, i've been running 10kms in 30 minutes, and i've been feeling a millon $, hip hip hurrah!!

And what better time to do all this running and staying in at night, except when you dont have much money, if i was loaded, the temptation would be to go out, it's too easy to say no, when you have to say no, and i feel much better for it too!

An over lap is on the way!

Other bonuses of Brisbane, i've been doing a bit of reading, the one thing that's stuck in my mind now is some words from Osho, when it comes to the future, he pretty much says, if you can be conscious of what your doing and you can use your intelligence, everything will be fine, it's pretty much the same attitude Gandhi had too, it's interesting how the 2 overlap.


So, Jon Mercer was saying, if you want to transform your life, the easiest way to start is to transform your body and thats exactly whats happened for me.

I've stopped smoking, hopefully for ever, i have a new focus in life, getting up to go running/gym in the morning, it's the new drug of choice.

The Tarot card reader in the Fitzroy markets told me in, if i went back to Melbourne, it would be for a pure and balanced life, i'm going back and it will be more balanced than before, maybe i wont need a crash helmet going down the road for a bottle of milk?

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