Friday, 2 September 2011

Renewed by today's passion and breakthroughs?

Spring Carnival means different things to different people

So, todays the first day of Spring Carnival, you'll be reading this on the 2nd, so it's the 2nd day, happy 2nd day of Spring Carnival, go on, pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

So, winter is over and just when i'm thinking....
Kieran, you could go back to Melbourne, get a job you really want, it's coming into summer, there will be lots to do, the weather will be like Queensland, some times, some times not, i could go back and tell everyone i just went up north to get a bit of sun for the winter, and drive everyone mad, of course, when they think of all the cold and rain that was getting in their ears
I read this and then go for my first interview of the day

Instead of feeling distracted, wishy-washy, or doubtful, you simply feel bemused to follow your whims wherever they lead. Be sensitive to what makes you unique. 
Sure, sometimes you feel anxious, and life feels overwhelming. But the world needs compassionate, sensitive people like you, who encourage others to consider not just themselves but everyone around them. You'll feel renewed by today's passion and breakthroughs. Be sure to write down your insights, so you can benefit from them later.
And it turns out, it looks like the health care company want me, without saying we want you, they more or less said so, 3 month contract, industry standard rates, November release, i might be the youngest one there, not too much partying there, no crazy nights

I come back for lunch and go to the next one...

Roll on the 2nd interview and they want me too, they told me so, there is a question of $$, what benefit will i get from this Mr Horoscope?

Actually the 2nd role will involve what i did at Startcorp, i will be the sole tester after the previous one departed

  • I would have complete control in a lot of areas 
  • It's in the city, my side of the city
  • They seem more my age, relaxed, flexible
  • There could be lots of socialising
  • I would be a senior guy, off meeting clients
  • I would be delegating work to a team in India
  • I've dont it successfully before in Sydney 
I got another interview with an evil gambling company, based on my calculations, it would be my 2nd choice, if i was driven by money, god knows the financial company is driven by money, so why wouldn't i be.

A quick bit of maths, working out what i would be paid, tells me, the health care company is paying WAY more, per hour.

You can do it here

  1. Determine the annual salary. This should be readily available from human resources. For our example we will use an annual salary of $20,000.
  2. Divide the annual salary by 52 to determine your weekly pay. For our example, this would be $20,000 / 52 = $384.62.
  3. Determine how many hours are worked in an average week. For our example, we will presume a normal 40-hour work week.
  4. Divide the weekly pay by the hours worked per week. For our example this would be $384.62 / 40 = $9.62 per hour.
Read more: How to Calculate an Annual Salary Into an Hourly Rate |

Easy peasy!
I will take the health care company, thank you Mr Horoscope, the contract is over in November anyways and i've never really been into anything permanent anyways.

I have banished all wishy-washy and doubtful from my day!!

Hip hip hurrah!!!!

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