Wednesday, 31 August 2011

This guy always brings a smile to my face

Photos are the Crazy German and myself

So i get a message from Olaf, i met him in the Galapagos, many years ago, i always love reading his mails, this is the last one
hello grazy guy,what is happed with you?you doing sport!!!!!!!!same is wrong!but this is good!take care and very importen is to enjoy the sport!!!!!!!the germanyguy olafps. i am not sure yet but mabay i will travel next year to australien!!!!!!! 

I was telling Joanna and i replied with this message, Joanna wrote some, i told her what to write for the German part
Hey Olaf, yea crazy German. I'm hanging out with another German, she has boobs, much better i think, to prove it, i will get her to write something. es gibt 3 Millionen Deutsche in Australien und aus all diesen Leuten musste ich ausgerechnet diesen Kerl kennenlernen. Was habe ich bloss falsch gemacht? Womit habe ich diese Scheisse verdient???? See Olaf, i think she loves me, what do you think? :) 
The German part translates to
there are 3 million German in Australia and all these people I just had to get to know this guy. What did I do wrong? What have I done to deserve this shit??

Olaf replied with..
hello ,it is nice to hear from you.i dont know what is happed with you,but now you make a lot of running,i cant belief this but it is a good idear!i knwo you like a crazy boy but i think the germanygirl change you life.or you now older and more wise?or the germanygirl is crazy like know poco loco is good but to much is....on the 18.of sep. i like to runn my first and last marathon.but this is a very hard thing!on the 4.of okt. i travel to afrika antill next year on still travel?take care and enjoy the time with the nice germanygirlfriend.the germanyguy olafps. mabay i will travel next year to australien!!!!!then i like to meet you and off course the girlfriend 
He is a legend!!!

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