Wednesday, 26 October 2011

iPhone, iPad, iPod, iLegal?

So, i found myself haveing a bit of a moral delima last night.

Well not the sort of delima most other's could call a delima, but a delima for me, none the less.

More and more i find myself wanting an iPhone, i rationalise it with myself, every time.

I say..
look at all the other dick heads that have them, do you want to be like them, your bad enough as it is, you spend too much time on space book, you need to get back to listening to birds, taking in the scene, being part of something, not tuning out and  un observant zombies you see walking round, strangers to themselves.
Or, so it appears, then there's the apps on that phone, the prospect of never being lost again is appealing, i caught myself looking at some of the plans last night, and i was like
'Ahem, Kieran, what are you doing? Your not thinking about what i think your thinking, are you? 

And i should know, because i was having this conversation with myself, and a lot of it would be tax deductable, too! Not the conversation though, that was precious moments, i will never get back, but i was listening to some awesome tunes, a bit of leisure time, after doing more house hunting and more job hunting, which isn't so bad, but it could be easier with an iPhone, Arghhhh!!! There i go again!!

I could train better at running too if, there's an app for that, there's an app for everything.

It's funny, i've made quite a bit from IT over the years, but i've never bought a lap top, nothing too technical, in fact i read some story yesterday about how less possesions = more happiness.

I have all my stuff in my mate Stanleys garage, all 5 boxes, i bad and a bike, it was too easy to move to Brisbane and back with them, maybe there was an app for that, Dominos has a app, i like that, some bars have apps, app, app, app!

I need an app, to stop me thinking about apps. There is no way back to a no iPhone world once your app-ifies or mac-ifies.

As Tom Robbins in his book Jitterbug Perfume, would say, 'Lighten up!

Monday, 24 October 2011

House hunting, writing and shopping for things i don't want

So, here we are again. Time to do something,

 So i'm doing this, yesterday i went to an information session in the city, i was thinking about doing a night class, so i had a look to see whats was available, the class that caught my attention was the 'Writing and Editing', i like that, i can do that and i do do that!
That would be useful to everybody, if i even wrote a shopping list, i could then edit the shopping list, it would be great, it i would get immediate results criticizingly my own work, no matter how big or small.

Anyways, as great as it sounded, it involves a lot of time, time is on my side, but not the 9-5pm side, i plan on prostituting myself out as a software tester at the highest price possible, apparently human beings have this innate quality, where we will do the least amount of work for the highest return, i am no different!

For this quality and this quality alone, i do not see myself changing career and after all, i like my life after all, isn't that the point after all?

So, the previous article mentions my hierarchy of needs, the first being finding somewhere to live, we will call it house hunting, this as it turns out is a full time job in itself!

How would you edit this list? 
A guy that was sitting next to me was telling me that the average time to find a place in Melbourne now is 6 weeks! I nearly fell off the chair when he told me, it all makes sense, i am on track after all!

House hunting this time has been a semi education, i've discovered a few more things, shops, bike tracks, areas, swimming pools that i never before knew existed, they exist and i've been experiencing them, i've been pretty engaged in my environment, i've even been offered a few places, not the kind of places i want, some of them would be fine in the summer time, but winter time, that would be another story.

 I saw one place yesterday in Clifton hill that had access at night VIA a roller door, then you would have to walk up a garden path, which is fine in the summer, but what about the winter, raining and dark? No, no no!!

I saw another place yesterday on Johnston st, that was next to a brothel, imagine drunk lads at 4am trying to gain admittance by knocking on the wrong door, i nearly laughed when i saw the house, i was telling some guy going into the post office, i have a house inspection over there, i have to go for a laugh, it was a laugh, but it wouldn't be a home, living with room dwellers, just to pay someones mortgage, no, no not for me! Plus, i didn't get laid?

The first place i saw is still the best, but i wasn't sure about living with one other chick in her 40's, in Clifton hill, now i would, then i wouldn't.

For me, i've always found, by finding out what i dont like, i find out what i do like and when i see something i like, i tend to recognise it, whether it's an object, people, place.

So today, i'm having a semi day off to go hangout in op shops and places that stock unusual things, it's been a while since i've looked at 20K couches and $200 spoons, but today i think could be the day, the day for people to try and sell me things i do not want!

But who's to say someone shouldn't try anyways? Get the idea? Sell me an idea, SOLD!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My wants and needs, time to get back to basics...

So, as you might be able to tell, i moved back to Melbourne and i'm living life back where it all began and i'm pretty happy (as long as the sun is shining, since it's coming into Summer, the probability of this happening increases every day!)

So, i was telling one of my friends, maybe Michelle, that i didn't have time to do her rugby world cup tipping, it's of no concern to me and then i thought of Maslow's hierarchy of needs

So, between looking for somewhere AND a job, there's not much time to spend on rugby world cup tipping, sorry it's just not in the graph.

Which reminds me of when i was working in Sydney, i had to interview people for testing roles, it's a bit like the situation i'm in now, being interviewed, interviewing for rooms, being organised, finding the best way of applying for rooms, getting peoples attention and going to meet them, and some other house 30 minutes later and some other place later...

It drags on, you have to be organised, which i am, i think, the system takes care of it's self, so i don't have to do any more thinking about it when i'm finished, or trying to go to sleep.

So week 2, down, start of week 3, if i get a place next week, i'll get back into blogging, or at least thinking about blogging.

I heard some people sitting near me talk about how they love coming to the North Carlton library to do Internet, one guy said he got rid of his computer at home, does it all in the library, and why wouldn't you when you can get a huge $2.50 ice cream across the road and eat it in the park, with the grass tickling your belly, see what i mean?

I remember reading in Brisbane that wants are not necessity's

I might already got everything i need, all i need to do is listen to the little inner voices and use my intelligence
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