Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My wants and needs, time to get back to basics...

So, as you might be able to tell, i moved back to Melbourne and i'm living life back where it all began and i'm pretty happy (as long as the sun is shining, since it's coming into Summer, the probability of this happening increases every day!)

So, i was telling one of my friends, maybe Michelle, that i didn't have time to do her rugby world cup tipping, it's of no concern to me and then i thought of Maslow's hierarchy of needs

So, between looking for somewhere AND a job, there's not much time to spend on rugby world cup tipping, sorry it's just not in the graph.

Which reminds me of when i was working in Sydney, i had to interview people for testing roles, it's a bit like the situation i'm in now, being interviewed, interviewing for rooms, being organised, finding the best way of applying for rooms, getting peoples attention and going to meet them, and some other house 30 minutes later and some other place later...

It drags on, you have to be organised, which i am, i think, the system takes care of it's self, so i don't have to do any more thinking about it when i'm finished, or trying to go to sleep.

So week 2, down, start of week 3, if i get a place next week, i'll get back into blogging, or at least thinking about blogging.

I heard some people sitting near me talk about how they love coming to the North Carlton library to do Internet, one guy said he got rid of his computer at home, does it all in the library, and why wouldn't you when you can get a huge $2.50 ice cream across the road and eat it in the park, with the grass tickling your belly, see what i mean?

I remember reading in Brisbane that wants are not necessity's

I might already got everything i need, all i need to do is listen to the little inner voices and use my intelligence

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