Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fitzroy Village festival, it's real good to be back...

So, as your probably aware, I'm back in Melbourne. I haven't been blogging as much as i normally do, I've been a bit occupied by Melbourne, mentally and physically, no riot police were called, the Mayor of Melbourne doesn't even know who i am, i haven't made the news, lets just say I've been busy?

So, i get back and occupy Fitzroy and life is nice, i go on bike rides, running and swimming, staying on Brunswick st, just a few weeks ago the Fitzroy Village was on and it was one of the best weekends i can remember.
People say: (the ones that were home watching TV), what was it like
I say: It was like the movie Big Fish
It was my 3rd time going to this and the first time i paid $$ for any of the side shows, after the first one, it was a bit like when i went to Broadway and saw a show, i wanted to see them all! And why not, it's my life and that's just how i do things.

The best show i saw was, and still is called Porcelain and Punch

Check it out...

I was swimming the next day after seeing 'Everything must go' and it clicked in my head what the show was about, i was about half way down the Fitzroy pool too and i was like 'Oh yeah'...

'Everything must go'

The other play worth mentioning was called 'June'


For this play, we had to pay for a ticket, then walk out of the fenced area in the park, to another place, where no ticket was required to sit down and watch a play, while not making too much commotion or attracting other people that might be walking their dog or strolling in the park, plus the fact that they weren't covered probably by insurance to show a play there, rules, rules.

'Dey are destroying the worl'!!!

Now the interesting thing about this play was 2 cars drove up to the play, on both sides and the people that got out of the cars, weren't real people, but actors, as part of the play, lights on, lots of shouting, another night in the park, it was not.

The last scene, everybody had to get up and walk through a door and there was a guy cooking 30 sausages on a BBQ, and he's talking for about 10 minutes and all the actors walk away.

Now,i 'm watching the crowd, and i could see the faces of the froth row, and all they had eyes for were sausages, i'd doubt they could hear English, maybe a lions roar, but English was gone on these folks, as soon as the guy cooking the 'snags' walked off, people rushed the BBQ, pulling sausages off the hot plate, it was every man for himself, with every body thinking the same thing. the ones that didn't have a sausage were thinking about it and the ones that were had past thinking, it was a Zen like moment of just being there, doing it.

And i did it too, just not to be the odd one out.

Happy days, best ending Ever!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

It was Melbourne cup and that can only mean one thing...

And  that is Bill cart racing in Northcote!! Hip, hip hurrah!!!

My money was on this guy!!!

So, i saw on the mesasge boards of couch that there was Billy cart racing on and i remember going to 'The races' 5 years ago, just when it was starting out, so what choice did i have only to comply with my brain and get there any way i could?

So i did...

The amazing thing about Northcote is not many people actually cared about the Melbourne cup, i put some money on the race, lost it all, but that's not the point, i thought it was a very Australian thing to do, but not in Northcote, i think in Northcote the Melbourne cup is seen as a something 'For them', maybe people on the other side of the river?

All i know is it never even came up in conversation, such was the interest, it was all i could do to NOT think about the coup, maybe i was in the right place?

Later it felt like i floated back to my hostel, on the way back i saw guys sword fighting in Princess park, so i stopped off to spectate, some guy was shooting arrows at his mate, the mate had a sword and was deflecting the arrows, and i thought it was a pretty random thing to be looking at, all things considered, a very alternative and random day.

It was a day of new hope for Melbourne, not all of Melbourne has forgotton what it's about, the cops didn't invade and shut the place down, after all, it was a street party, people drinking on the back street and having lots of fun, i'd doubt people at the races had as much fun and it only cost what ever you gave the guy in the bottle shop, i might have given him a dirty look and $15 for a incorrectly priced (in my favour) 6 pack of Guinness?

Happiness in a can!!!

This was one of my favourite moments and i can say i was there, where were you?
A Billy Cart tradition

Look of antipication?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Drinking water like a drowning man...

The holy water?

So, what's up?
Hows it hangin?
Me? Good, good, i cant complain? As you can see i've been drinking water like a drowning man, and as much as i drink, it doesn't seem enough?

I fell a bout of healthy living coming on?

I entered the city to surf run the other day, i thought it was on at the end of the month, turns out it's on Suanday, Swanday... i mean Sunday, and sun is predicted, so at least that much is true...maybe?

Princess park

So i have been doing some running around Princess Park 3.2kms , it's 'The tan' about 5kms (botanic gardens, South side) of the north side of the city.

The Tan

I had a bit of a revelation while swimming yesterday, my knees have been hurting in the last week, they didn't hurt so much before, i realised that while i was in Brisbane i was doing lots of cycling on hills and circuit training, that included squats.

And, the reason my knees hurt is that they are getting no support from up above, maybe i should involve a union and take a look at the labour laws?

Or maybe, i should get back to doing my circuit training of
Squats, press ups, pull ups, crunches, in a set of 10, 15, 20, 15, 10.

The funny thing is, i used to laugh at people that would go running, but now, unfortunately i'm one of them, WORSE than that, i need to do more circuit training TO BE ABLE to go running, so maybe someone else sitting on the grass having a beer can laugh at me, just the same way i did!!

It make's me laugh when i think about it, but it is a step in the right direction, for me at least.


I had another revelation in the pool, i figured out what the ending of the Play 'Everything must go', doing laps in the Fitzroy pool, the play was the last thing on my mind at the time :)

Life is beautiful!!

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