Saturday, 24 December 2011

There's something about cards?

Happy Christmas cards

So, i thought i'd free style this, for the purposes of remembering it, one fine day, maybe a summers day?

So, about 2 months ago i found a douvet, blanket and christmas cards about 50 cards to be more or less specific.


So, yesterday we were going out to a wharehouse party, so i though i'd take about half and give them to people, i wrote something differnt in each one, it kept me busy like a beaver for a while.

Then i did my
'Choose a card, any card'
people were grabbing them, it was a sight to see!!

Now what really struck me about the whole deal, that wasn't quite too obvious to me before, is people love getting cards, Christmas, post cards, birthday cards, business cards?

Tradition out the window, or a window with a really good view?

For me it was a bit of fun, nothing serious, but it has a serious change in peoples attitude.

I remember getting birthday cards growing up and all i did was chuck them, after checking them to see if there was any $$$ in them.

Last night i even gave one to a Jewish chick, i think it made her Christmas, since i haven't been writing for a while, i have been busy, i found it no preoblem doing it and i remember Tom Robbins saying
'Creative people never get writers block'
And as the night was getting on, i was running out of cards.

It was surreal, maybe i'll get more? It's definatly the small things that make the biggest difference and that was one that suprised me!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wierd weekends, let me write my mind, take 1

So, the weekend started off like any other, I'm doing my thing, being a responsible citizen, everything is in moderation, life is chugging along nicely, Linda from the Royal Derby says
'Would you like to go on a masquerade harbour cruise?
Would i ever, it's what i was born to do!!

Raining men, it wasn't

The troops were rallied and off we went, but first we de-toured to Collingwood, (...famous for it's football team that has gone corporate along with the rest of them and now they dont train there anymore, they are in Arizona training, so much for a community team?) when the bigger group and off we went again, this time to get a tram, walking?

Usually I'm in groups that will get a taxi and not trams, but whatever....until it bucketed down from the heavens, the time to repent, and no sight of Noah or his Ark.

Finally we got a taxi and got to where we were going, no boat, no people, are the border protection people that good as to stop boat cruises? It was beginning to look like it.

Would someone call the coast guard on us?

We were looking for pier 5, in actual fact the boat we were looking for was in pier 2, if 5 was 2, maybe Jimi Hendrix could have made sense of it all.

Finally when we got away, maybe 25 people on board, I'm scanning the scene and it struck me as the weirdest boat cruise EVER, until a woman named Elizabeth started summoned the water god Iris, i think, now things were beginning to rock.

So it turned out, the boat was full of Witches, clairvoyants, i did meet one Shaman. It was a full moon Current moon phase 2011

In the end it was like i was supposed to be there to hear it all, it was very strange, very strange indeed, it was turning out to be one of the weirdest nights on record, and that's something coming from me.

I met one guy that could see animals around people, so he would paint them, another guy would see numbers, he could tell things through numbers.

I met one woman that was a Shaman, she told me she had the worst dreams all the time and living with them was difficult

So it came time to leave, i got the details of a woman from spellbox, a shop for witches, who would have thought?

Feeling hungry?

So, yesterday i bit the bullet and visited the clairvoyant, just to finish off the experience, you buy the ticket, you take the ride and i did and i'll tell you all about that experience in part Deux!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

1 month of no alcohol, but B-is for beer!

So, after reading my friends Janet facebook update status that she wanted to have one month no beer, everyone should do it, yes, this is true, but these are thoughts you get and ideas you implement, after you hit you 30's folks, not before.

I would have never thought this was a good idea, when i was (not to get too mathamatical) < 30 years old.

Since the idea was launched into the the universe (thanks Janet), some how i reciever it (it was through facebook) and my cranium was jumping up and down like a Mexican bean and i uttered the words..
' I'm going to do it too!'
 And i have, Janet hasen't though (boo!), she stopped after 2 weeks, it was too much for for, or maybe she is too Irish to say no. Which is fair enough, she has a once a week on Saturday policy

Brave words of doing something from me, or maybe not?

So, my decision came with good timing, the following week i ran the city to surf, i ran 14kms in 76min, not bad for me.I was off to a good start

So since not drinking for a month, i would like to capture a few thinks, before i ever kill any any more brain cells, this could be my 'Saint is a sinner too'

Saint is a sinner too

Something i learnt years ago...
The cheaper the alcohol, the more you will pay.

I did have a beer with my mate Dario after the month was up and it was..well, it tasted just like the first beer i ever had. Which was great

The lesson i've learnt is you kill the things you love, less is more. The less  (<) you have, appreciation = more (>)

It's not smoking that kills, it's the habbit...
Osho was saying in one of his books, you can jump out of bad habbits, so i did and it worked.

It seems like i'm on a quest for a balanced life, between running, swimming, reading, hanging out in the park and Melbourne, life is good, very very good and it's summer time and the living is easy and a lot cheaper.

I'm reading Tom Robbins 'B- is for Beer', it's a childres book for grown ups and grown up book for children.

Oh, happy daze!
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