Thursday, 8 December 2011

1 month of no alcohol, but B-is for beer!

So, after reading my friends Janet facebook update status that she wanted to have one month no beer, everyone should do it, yes, this is true, but these are thoughts you get and ideas you implement, after you hit you 30's folks, not before.

I would have never thought this was a good idea, when i was (not to get too mathamatical) < 30 years old.

Since the idea was launched into the the universe (thanks Janet), some how i reciever it (it was through facebook) and my cranium was jumping up and down like a Mexican bean and i uttered the words..
' I'm going to do it too!'
 And i have, Janet hasen't though (boo!), she stopped after 2 weeks, it was too much for for, or maybe she is too Irish to say no. Which is fair enough, she has a once a week on Saturday policy

Brave words of doing something from me, or maybe not?

So, my decision came with good timing, the following week i ran the city to surf, i ran 14kms in 76min, not bad for me.I was off to a good start

So since not drinking for a month, i would like to capture a few thinks, before i ever kill any any more brain cells, this could be my 'Saint is a sinner too'

Saint is a sinner too

Something i learnt years ago...
The cheaper the alcohol, the more you will pay.

I did have a beer with my mate Dario after the month was up and it was..well, it tasted just like the first beer i ever had. Which was great

The lesson i've learnt is you kill the things you love, less is more. The less  (<) you have, appreciation = more (>)

It's not smoking that kills, it's the habbit...
Osho was saying in one of his books, you can jump out of bad habbits, so i did and it worked.

It seems like i'm on a quest for a balanced life, between running, swimming, reading, hanging out in the park and Melbourne, life is good, very very good and it's summer time and the living is easy and a lot cheaper.

I'm reading Tom Robbins 'B- is for Beer', it's a childres book for grown ups and grown up book for children.

Oh, happy daze!

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