Monday, 9 January 2012

Foxes, owls, rabbits and mathematics in a forest...WTF?

Do you like to think about things?

So, I've started reading a book called 'The mathematics of life', it's been on the floor of my room for about 2 weeks, and I've been getting around to picking it up, and in the last few days i have been getting into it, more and more, it's good stuff!

Now, here's the part in the show where, i would normally google the book, just to see what other people think, maybe I'm going mad, but I've been having quite a few 'Eureka!!' moments, minus the bath tub.

It's been connecting a few of the dots in my brain, just when you think you're not all that bright, the switch's go off in your head, and all of a sudden the lights are on and people are home, it's a whole god damn party, tell you!!
There is a basic principle...
'Unrestricted growth will always outstrip resources'
 It's nothing new, it came from Thomas Malthus, in 1826, in his essay on the Princlple of populations.

Where has that happened recently? Well, the economic crisis that has been happening all over the place for one, where little or no restrictions were placed on financial institutions in the good old USA, it would appear (to me) what happened is a natural fact, since not many people now a-days are in tune with nature, it took a lot of people by surprise, you should have occupied your brain sooner folks!

I remember reading once any thing you find in nature is realistic thing to base your happiness on. i.e Sunrises and sunsets, if you like the odd sunset, well that is a nature, if it makes you happy, there is a good chance you will be happy every day, sounds simple?

A realistic expectation, that can be found in nature

Now, sterile cities, where people work on the 34th floor, well not many animals go to work in places as dense like a city (bees maybe?), at that altitude (condors?)

I'm thinking of condor bee's right now, maybe that's just me?

It's just not natural, it makes no sense, but some people would define working on the 34th floor in their career of choice as success, or at least part of a success, but it's not natural and i should know, i was one of them!

Phrase or phase?

Anyways, the idea of having a career is only about 500 years old, according to Tom Robbins, before that we were hunters and gathers and always on the move, only recently have people settled and stayed in the same place. Maybe having a career is just a phase mankind is going through.

Back to unrestricted growth, where have i heard that recently?
In America, the energy companies are the ones that set the limitations on themselves, and because of this the government is involved in warfare which is essentially a resources grab, due to their own unrestricted growth.

It makes sense!
Populations of living creatures, if their growth is not restrained by lack of food or predators, grow geometrically, the modern word is 'exponentially, it was all written in 1826 folks!

When the growth is based on available food and resources, population grows slowly, linearly.

Now, a scenario in the 'Mathematics of life' was presented of Foxes, owls and rabbits in a forest

Peek a boo, i see you!!

Question: What would you think the biggest threat to rabbits would be?
Answer: Other rabbits, competing for the same resources.

To me, this explains fashion and all it entails, how people behave in cities, their vanity and so on, that doesn't bother thinking about, until now, are they are rabbits?

Maybe they would go well in a stew?

 Fashion, it's not just about looking like a whore!
The rabbits that win the competition survive to breed and their abilities may be passed on to future generations

Fashion is not about looking good for the opposite sex, it's about looking better than your peers, the competition!!

Competition between foxes and rabbits may happen where rabbits learn to run faster, but then foxes may learn to run faster too (not such an exciting point?)

Indirect competition between foxes and owls may happen, where there maybe not enough to eat, they may not even be aware of each others presence, but they know they are hungry.

Might leave these two out of the stew?

Natural selection is not putting one species against another. It happens in the context of thee surrounding environment, the entire ecosystem.

I love this point...
The Eco system determines the context in which they compete.

To me this is why i live where i live, and not anywhere else.

Motion of water is random, it has a tendency to go down with gravity, but what the water does in bulk is not just determined by gravity, but also by the landscape in which it flows.

And, i was wondering, why a book on Mathematics would be so interesting to me? This is a question posed by others when 'What are you reading?' was asked.

Everybody's asking the question!

The answer came from a very unlikely source, it would appear

Now, i've been following  Jon Mercer and he says some interesting things

A simple right-brain/ left brain technique to diffuse anxiety, panic and other negative emotions.

So, it would appear i have been using a different part of my brain while reading this book on Mathematics, and it's relaxing.

More quotes from Jon...
"The golden rule of personal development...“Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.”
Additional i realize how my phone stresses me out, so i will be leaving it at home from now on. It just doesn't work for me, swimming, reading and bike ride do, so i'll do that.

Jon says...
Whatever you pay attention to will expand in your life. You invite it to become a bigger part of your experience. So make sure you focus on really awesome things!

Cool, thats all i need to know, reading you loud and clear, i now know what to do :)

 What are you going to do Mr Wrabbit?

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