Friday, 27 January 2012

John McEnroe, he wasn't that mad!!

So, this is the story i wanted to write the last time i posted a blog story, the previous blog story just kinda jumped out of me, so i went with it and that was that.

And now this...

Still on the tennis thing people, the Australian open is still going on, so it's still tennis, tennis, tennis in Melbourne, as you know i went to a few games one night, 2 weeks ago, people wanted to know what i thought? So, I'll try and explain.


One of the games i saw featured Lleyton Hewitt, i had Gold class tickets, a prime view, pretty good, or so it would seem?

One of the advances tennis has made over the years is that they now include camera technology, it would appear tennis has 'embraced' this technology, much like how they do in cricket to view the line calls, and from what i could gather, each player can request the new technology to check if the ball was in or out.

A game of In and Out, this one in!

And they do check the line calls, all the time! White lines clear your mind, John nearly list his, where was this technology when he needed it?

What was interesting throughout the game was even though most calls that seemed out, most of them were actually in, and i started to think about John Mac Enroe, how could you forget that fellow?

Could you forget this?

I was thinking maybe John had a very keen eye, maybe he was right all along, maybe the tantrums were justified? Maybe everyone else was wrong, like the man said?

A quick glance of my program informed he had quite a history here in Melbourne? It would appear the Melbourne open was the first tournament to introduce a 3 strikes rule, no one told John of this rule, his third strike being when he told the umpire to
'Go home and fuck your mother'
And maybe, just like baseball, he was out, game over for John that year and he was sent marching for an early shower.

I bailed out of the place myself after 3 hours and 15min, how anybody could stay longer, or be interested is hard for me to fathom? I'm glad i went, why anybody would go a second time, it completely beyond me? I would rather go insane, thank you very much!

Serena Williams was on after Lleyton Hewitt's game, but as the time was ticking on, my interest was dwindling further and further, dammit I felt like i was getting old!

I would rather...
I got out while the going was good, i would rather watch cricket, and that saying something, coming from me!

I gave my ticket to some guy that was watching the game outside, later i realised the ticket was my tram ticket, if i got a fine, it would have been from the same people that i got the ticket in the first place, Yarra trams!

It is only funny, because i didn't get asked for a ticket, oh the laughs, i can allow myself, now, who knew fare evasion could be so much fun?

How, someone could be interest in a ball flying back and forwards, that's not your own, was a bit beyond me too? I wasn't going voice my disapproval any further other than vote with my feet, and now that i think of it, that's the only kind of voting i ever do, i could have voted on the Triple J, hottest 100, dammit!!

I could have made a difference!!

Maybe, playing tennis is more fun than watching it? In the same way playing Ska music would be better than listening to Ska music?

News just in, God hates ska too!!

Ska and Tennis, if there is a hell, would it would he a combination of both those two?

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