Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Listen to the inner voices...some call it... Intuition

So, as always i start to write, i dont know where i'm going to go, but i know i'm going somewhere and thats all that matters, we need to go and that is that.

So, i begin and i get an idea, that's all it takes, as long as i get ideas, i know i'm alive, if i have the ideas and i'm broke that's ok, cashed up and no idea, that spells trouble!

So, i had a look at my stats, for this blog and they gave totally different pictures, totally.

So, when i look on google i get this

8 people in the last month checked my blog out? Are they kidding?

I haven't published much recently, it's no biggie for me, but whats interesting is when i look through blogger, i get a totally different story.

Through blogger i get this...

Today: 187
Yesterday 166:

The funny thing is, since i am a software tester, i probably could find out what the problem is and report it to them? Maybe the world need's me, in a professional capacity, but i digress...

What occurred to me, was how sometimes there are the voices in your head and there are the voices in other people's head and there are conflicting views of the same stories, completely, depending on peoples experiences in life and what's been going on in their lives, up until now.

What are you on about, you say?

Well, it has occurred to me that, since i haven't been working much in the past year, i have completly changed my ways, in some ways i've changed, i dont spend so much $$, i do things that dont cost much $$, i have time and i make time for the important things, i do tons of reading, i dont drink so much.

Getting a few $$ from the government has been great too, after all i'm playing by their rules, looking for work, work hasn't happened, but the sun is shining and i enjoy every day.

It occurred to me how people who make the most $$ are the most resentful when they people with little money enjoying themselves, especially in the summer, it drives them crazy, which will give you an indication of how shallow they are.

If your not happy in your own life making lots of $$, why complain about people less fortunate that yourself, after all, they do have less $$?

Unless, unless of course, deep down you know it's not about $$, and the empty void in yourself is getting deeper and deeper? Which would make you laugh?

One of the happiest guys i know of, is a guy that lives in a squat, he dumpster dives for food, he busks for money for tobacco and wine, he doesnt have a worry in the world and the world is full of wonder to him,only because he's not full of answers.

The past year has been a bit of a wake up call, for me.

I have come more in touch with my intuition, i can see others that haven't had the same exposure and i can say i've come a long way, from where i was anyways. Cutting back on the beer has helped too, in a big way, why did it take me this long to listen to my intuition?

Introducing Emma (not just a pretty face)

Yesterday, i was telling Emma, how before i always felt like i had too much money and i wanted to be in the situation where i couldn't do what i wanted to do, why?
'Because i dont get paid until Wednesday!!'

Folks, that day has come, and to rectify it, i sold some investments, $$ problem fixed, for now.

My attitude to money has been resolved too, it only took a year of not working and nearly 35 years of my life, in all to do it.

I'm not so $$ carefree, but making $$ is not important, when your not spending lots of $$, i feel i have a lot more in common with the people i hang out with, as a result, and that's what i was after.

I've gone from polar opposites and now i'm where i want to be, where i need to me, mentally and physically, 2 different ways of thinking and what's changed, not much, except me and that's all that needed to change, for things to change and for me to progress, just the way i wanted and the running and swimming has been great too.

Above all, the whole experience has made me a more compassionate person to those less fortunate than myself, i know better to behave in a better way, to people, some of whom have not been as luck as myself to have had the experiences i've had, good and bad, to lead me to where i am today.

It shocked me over Christmas as to how out of touch and un-compassionate some people i met were, but i knew the difference!

Animals are doing it

In the Brisbane flooding last year, i read a story of a snake that was normally a predator to frogs, truly amazing stuff!

Now more than ever and for that, i am really grateful to be me and not them, or who i was or might have been had i not have had all the experiences, over the last year.

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