Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tennis fever has hit Melbourne like the plague!

The Australian tennis open is on and everyone has gone tennis....mad!

Yesterday while on a bike ride through Kew, one of the many well-to-do suburbs in Melbourne, i saw a top of the line BMW being driven, nothing unusual there, not in Kew anyways, mummy is wearing her tennis outfit, the daughter is wearing the same matching tennis outfit, smaller size of course. Interesting...

Now, i'm no Doctor, but it was then i realized that a fever hit the town.

All the symptoms are of 'Tennis fever', but i think it will last for the next 2 weeks, then it will lie dormant, like a Taliban sleeper cell for another 52 weeks?

So, there is my first problem with the sport of tennis, it attracts a certain kind of person, the kind of person i dont come in close contact with, not in their own surroundings, but lets be open minded people!

I was thinking, since i could, and the Tennis is on, i should at least experience it and see what the big deal was, after all, i might like it?
And if i didn't what the harm, i could leave at any time? At least if i went and experienced something new, i wasn't going to get something new sitting at home, not on TV anyways, just re-runs of old TV episodes.

My new house mate got a ticket from work, corporate reserved seats, gold class and he asked me
'I'm busy, would you like to go to the tennis instead of me?'
Boy, would i!! The chance to mingle with lots of rich people? Observe them in their own habitat, GOLD CLASS, and no ass, those people can afford surgery, personal trainers and food that doesn't kill you in the long term.

I would feel like David Attenborough, i had this chance to closely observe, document these elite talking monkeys, on a floating rock in the universe and bananas? This species have plenty of bananas, dont you worry about that one, they have more than enough!

David and some monkeys that dont say a single word, that's probably why some people put them in cages?

 How could i say no? So i went, one of the striking things about tennis is how everyone is so happy there, what was the cause? Could tennis give that much happiness, if so, i had to have some happiness too, please i will do anything!

Now, I passed a house yesterday, one of many with a tennis court in Kew, flood lit of course, obviously it's a game you can play at night too, very versatile is tennis!

But you never see or hear anyone playing in those places, usually they are big empty places, with at max 2 people and a little dog and it occurred to me!

The real reason people play tennis?

Of course! If i was strolling around all day in my loafers, why would i want to bend down and tie up shoe laces? Shoe laces are a pain, ask anybody that goes out to work or has to go running to maintain their weight because they cant afford surgery?
I need a reason to tie shoe laces, i need a tennis court, then i have a reason, of course, it actually make sense!
It's a bit of work lacing these up, but it's worth it!

Tennis shoes have great support, not just any support, they have 'Lateral support' to...
Hold the foot steady, not a pair in which your feet feel insecure when you're moving. You'll not only move better, you'll also prevent tennis injuries.
Life before tennis and tennis injuries?

I get it, it make so much sense, hip hip hurray for tennis!!

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