Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Febfast is off to a flying start, literally!!

Where is the pause button again?

So, February is here, and as is my habit in the last few years, i'm off the alcohol or alcohol is off me and defiantly not in me!

I went off the beer for November, and then back on December, only in moderation of course swearing i learnt some valuable life lessons, but after some social drinks over Christmas and a little bit of partying on the weekends, it's time to do it again in February!

So, the day before February i went to a bit of a party, after midnight someone said it was February, time for Febfast, but i didn't want to believe it, you cant when your having fun!

January turned into February over night, it's almost as mad as that loaves into fishes story from the bible, i wasn't having any of it, call me a non believer if you want!

So i re-defined February to commence when i woke up, in February and had a few more beverages, including a beer at home.

After all, if your going to have one for the road, you'd better be sure you know the road, being at home is perfect, in summer, you can sleep next to the cat, and all is well in the world, except the cat trying to get vomit out of it's fur?

It's not a cats life folks, not anytime!

So, after opening my eyelids for business on the 1st of Feb, i didn't exactly feel like running, it was the day of change, i was doing a mini triathlon that day, running would have to wait until the evening, the planning was everything and the plan was nothing, so myself and Ryan AKA 'Pretty' went for a cycle.

We got as far as Clifton hill when a momentary lapse on my part, introduced me into another form of travel, a kind of space travel called 'Arse over tits', and planted me on the back of a barrier on the side of the foot path.

My flight path caught by a passing photographer

What's funny is, i'm fine, a few bruised ribs and i feel very luck not to do serious damage, to myself or the bike, i've been down that path before and i've wondered, about if someone fell of their bike there, Ryan was wondering it too, and i found out.

Before long, we went off again, and because of my space travel, i ended up meeting a cyclist that showed us a bike path that (Follow the A's)

Yarra trail, to the Anniversary trail, to Gardiner's creek, back to the Yarra trail

It was one of the best bike trails i have seen in Melbourne, albeit in much pain, but not too much pain, i am told by many that i have a high tolerance to pain.

Ryan told me a story how he broke his ribs and i have to say, i cheered me up a little, in fact i nearly took a lung full of water while swimming later

Ryan said: 
Ryan: One time when i was out in the Gold coast, i met these guys in a bar and i went on a bit of a pub crawl with them and you know the everyone up there goes out to look for fights?
Me: No, no one's ever picked a fight with me
Ryan: Well all the bogans go out to do that and we were walking past some guys on the other side of the street and one of the guys shouts over 'Hey you have a small cock!' and they came over and started fighting, i'm lying on the ground, i wasn't even fighting and some guy is kicking me. Anyways i spent 9 hours in the ER 
In that light, what was wrong with me? To be fair, it was a learning experience, Ryan did tell me if you cant breathe properly and you piss blood, get to a hospital, good to know. We continued another 50kms.

That was a week ago, and i'm still feeling it, pain that is and now i feel February could have came a bit sooner

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