Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Going from someone that knew to someone that would do.

Interesting title for today's blog post, well that's what i think anyways, let's freestyle this and see where we end up at the end, shall we?

I heard it in a documentary i watched last week called 'Fat sick and nearly dead', here's a review

Watch the trailer here

Among some of the amazing things that were presented in the movie, Joe pointed out how his transition was going...
"From someone that knew, to someone that would do"
How interesting that he would say it that way? So i wrote it down, only because it struck a chord with me, maybe a D minor chord?

D minor chord

One of the many other books i'm currently reading, '59 Seconds' by Richard Wiseman or 'Blink' by Malcom Gladwell, take your pick, but leave your nose alone!

I read the following...
Damage in the ventromedial area causes a disconnect between what you know and what you do

Bingo, it makes sense, it was like that for the overweight people in the documentary and it's the same for people with drug addictions, in fact it would seem
Junk food addict = Cocaine addict 
At least in their head anyway's, as the Cranberries said 'Whats in your head'?

The Cranberries, a musical interlude

In an article entitled, Personal moral judgement i read the following
However, our results on patients with focal lesion in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex clearly reinforce the proposal, advanced by Greene et al. (2001), that this brain region is crucial to oppose personal moral violations. In line with this, several studies have linked criminal behavior to medial prefrontal dysfunction
Oh oh, does this mean that some criminals, being locked up have in fact a medical problem, that became a legal one?

It seems to me, the easiest answer to all of this, besides opening someone's head, scooping out the contents out (are you thinking of ice cream?) and giving them a good scrub with a wiry brush, putting it back in again.

One is too big, one is too small and the middle one is just perfect, now where's your brain again?

 Still with me? The answer could be found in Vipassana meditation.
Insight meditation gradually purifies the mind, eliminating all forms of attachment. As attachment is cut away, desire and delusion are gradually diluted.
To me the key lies in people's attachment's and aversions and doing a Vipassana course would enable people to resolve the issues in themselves.

I did one in India and i can say i learn more about myself in 10 days than i would have in 10 years, i've probably forgotten most of it, maybe i need to be reminded why i'm here, what i was about, it's interesting in Anthony Kiedis book 'Scar tissue'

The man that should not be alive, in his own words

He said, he knew so many guys that got in to music, that knew what they were about, were really driven, starting out, then they forgot who they are, and got side tracked and ended up over dosing, game over.

Last year at a festival called Rainbow Serpent, one of the work shops, one woman was singing songs, we were singing songs, chanting in fact.

One of the chants was
'I remember who i am, i remember who i am...', over and over.
And just then, i remembered and it was a truly amazing experience and it's funny how you could forget something like that? But i did, i think everybody does?

You just need ways to remind yourself and keep yourself on course

It works for me!

This post was made possible by one of my favourite DJ's Derrick May, have a listen!

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