Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hey, Mr Perfect, let the light in!!!

So, the other night I'm watching Leonard Cohen's DVD, live somewhere? I've been a bit of a fan ever since i was hanging out with my shaman Tulassi in Bolivia.

A fan, that doesn't know much, but i know enough to know he's important and if i payed attention, something would ring a bell with me

My Shaman, Tulassi had a book of Leonard Cohen's poems, now I'm not much of a fan of poems, i never have, they just don't mean that much to me, they don't talk to me, not like stories anyway, but Mr Cohen's poems did, this it why he interests me, how does he interest me when no one else does? That was the beginning anyways.

Now one of the songs is called Anthem

Forget your perfect, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in

Now, that day i was at one of many festivals in Melbourne, many cool tattoos were on display, attached to the bodies of the people that commissioned the tattoo's, some of the people waited months, i just walked in off the street in Lima and basically commenced a week of pain and hey presto, walked away with a whole sleeve.

My black and white Dragon (cut below his ear)

So, one of the things i like about my dragon tattoo on my forearm is, believe it or not the scar. I remember getting it, i was couch surfing in South Australia, my couch surfing hosts came and picked me up, they drove an hour to the train station and i stayed for a week, got drunk, went fishing, drank snake bite because my friend Janet's face book update said she was hung over from snake bite.

You have to slay a few dragons to get the princess, i scarred my Dragon on the corner of the bread board, believe it or not, and now it's part of the Dragon, i wouldn't want to change it, i remember clearly thinking 'Oh, fuck!'

After hearing Leonard Cohen's song i thought, the scar could represent the light coming in. The Dragon, if i got a big name artist in Melbourne (with attitude) could have been perfect, but things can always be more perfect, but i like the stories around my designs, perfection is not the point!

Good man Leonard Cohen, i will have to listen more more wisdom in your well thought out songs!

It don't matter if he's black or white

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