Friday, 3 February 2012

A note from my friend Olaf

I sometimes get an email from my friend Olaf from Germany and the thing i love about them are how it's a bit lost in translation, sometime's you gain something and by reading them, it somehow tells a different story?

I'd hate to lose any of them, this is why it's here, this blog will be here for ever, most Germans i have met will not say something if they think the grammar will be incorrect, but Olaf speaks his mind, fantastic!

Just write your mind!

Olaf says:
hello friends,
here is the germanyguy olaf.
after long time a sign of my life.
yes i still life.
mabay no everbody can remember my,i met all the peopel here anywhere on the world,from last year antill the last 12 years.
and my english is still bad,sorry about this!!!!!!
how are you and what is happed the last time?
who is travel?
you have same news?
i hop everbody is okay and you enjoy life.
i wish you merry xrismas and happy new year!!
i am fine,since 3 months i travel agian.
this year i diceide to travel on afrika.
first madagascar and after this to the continet,johannesburg and direction nord.
i have time antill next year mai and i think antill to kenia is possibel.
a lot off grettings from far a way,good lucky and i hop i get same answer.
olaf or also franko

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