Monday, 6 February 2012

Postcards are the new internet

Dear post card people, listen up!!

Do you know when you give out the love to the universe? Sometimes, just sometimes, it comes back and it did, i want to tell you all about it.

So, when i was gallivanting about the country last year, i remember being in Perth train station, talking to someone about Chapel St, i said to myself
'I know someone that lives near Chapel st, I'll send her a post card'
Well, writing that post card was so much fun, i decided to write a few more, since i hadn't been blogging in quite, it became a bit of a release for me, i quite enjoyed it you see, each post card, took a bit of time in the selection process, each one was unique in its own way, no copy and pasting going on folks, i could not accuse myself of any plagiarism in any way!

Do you know of post secret  dear reader?

And after all, when you enjoy doing something, it's not that hard!

Who sends post cards anymore? Dammit, post cards are the new Internet!!

When people get post cards now, it's pretty special and unique, people will come around to stare and wonder at your fridge, not because it has Internet capability's, makes ice, re orders everything automatically and does not forget the beer order, the reason some will always be single and the wondrous fridge has a post card like a badge of honor!

From postsecret

Every post card was 100% original in every way and then i sent them the old fashioned way, everyone that wanted one, got one, all they had to do was send me their home address and i would do the rest, and i did.

Now, was reading the paper on the weekend and i saw there is yet another reason to get a smart phone, there is a post card app, where you take the picture, submit the text and they mail it out.

My friend Jen sent me a message a few weeks ago, saying she was posting me a post card, so i wait and wait and wait some more.

From Postsecret

Last Monday i look up at the sky and said
'Fuckit Shockley, where's my card!' 
Last Monday night i get home from a bit of a party, and it's there.

Hallelujah, hurray for everything!

Jen from Florida sent me a post card

Whats particularly interesting is she calls me 'K-Dawg'.
Jen, she's the only one and then again she's not the only one :)

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