Friday, 10 February 2012

The thing i like about...skaters

First, watch this

The thing i link about skaters/skate boarders, besides that i did a bit of long boarding, briefly last year in Queensland, or to be more accurate, my stint in the Gold coast is:

  • They don't seem troubled by the things the other people seem focused with
  • A career isn't important, if you have the time to skate and drink beer and get stoned, you have it all
  • They don't seem to perturbed by what's going to happen tomorrow, it's all about the now
  • They seem to be willing to give it a go and take the fall, if it happens
  • They just look cool and they don't give a sh*t what you think

Your a beginner?

The skater magazines don't have:

  1. Agony aunt sections with questions like, 'I'm worries about my weight...'
  2. They dont have tips on how to shed pounds for that 360 degree trick
  3. They dont have skaters caught cheating on who, who fu*kin cares?
  4. They dont seem too worried about the financial crisis and the invasion of China and India
  5. Also the magazines dont have advice on how to repair tile damage from skating, my guess that would be someone else's problem?
Life in the fast lane?

When i started again, it was like the inner kid in me was doing something he always wanted to do, but my mother did everything to stop me doing and as soon as my ribs are normal from the crash (skater term is 'stack') i had last week, i will be skating.

It makes me so jealous, i have to do it!

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