Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Birthday weekend, and that means birthday sui Melbourne

Photos are from the Naked bike ride, Melbourne

So, it was my birthday on the weekend, and you say...
No big deal, It was my birthday last year!' 
Too true reader, well as it turned out, i was 35, 35 years old, me! Yes me, now i've never been 35 before so i was a bit unsure about how to celebrate it and how to proceed?

I wanted to do something different and i have been on Febfast (no drinking for February), so i thought i would do something that didn't involve drinking? Like i always do.

So what i did was go for a bike ride, i did an 80 km bike ride during the morning and afternoon, one of the best trail rides in Australia in fact. Great!!

We were all heros!
Now, i've done this ride before from Lillydale to Warburton, in fact Warburton is on of the best drives in Victoria, in your car, beep, beep, get out of my way!!

Since i dont have a car any more, i never thought i could cycle there, but you can and it's awesome folks!!

It was good and challenging the last time, and i've been doing a bit of cycling since and swimming most mornings, in fact i did a 5 hour bike ride 2 days before my birthday and i thought it might be a bit too much, maybe over kill? But in fact i think it was easier, i can only put this 'easy aspect' down to the fact that i am getting considerably fitter?

Throw you arms in the air, if your a true playa!!
How strange, it's a new kind of energy, for me?

And i didn't stop cycling there, in the evening i did quite a few more kms reader with my friend Cassie and without her and we walked the labyrinth in Clifton hill, quite a spiritual journey and it's Irish too

Fitzroy never looked so good
Apparently Cassie is normal and gets tired and has to go home to sleep? Strange? I dont get tired so easily?

I did the Maribyrnong river trail, but at night, it's one of the best things to do in Melbourne and it's free, it was raining the first time i did it and it didn't really matter, rain?

It looked better with the rain, lighting, shading. The views were amazing, it's so good you cant believe it's not somewhere in Europe!

If i was a painter....that would have been the reverie

After that trail i saw the giant monsters that can lift 1000 tonnes of crap we dont need from China because of all the impulsive buying people here do, people live shallow lives indeed and you can see it all coming in down the port.

In fact the giant cranes put in 2 years ago will be moving 80 kms down the road to Geelong, so they can bring in more stuff we dont need, nothing is going out except all the $$$ and disposable goods come it, what a great economy, importing stuff thats basically made to break.

Watching it all the unloading from China was like being in a bee hive!

I ended up in my favourite Turkish cafe in Coburg, smoking apple and cherry Sisha, drinking great hot non alcoholic drinks, my favourite is Sablah (i think, but he knows i like it and he makes it for me, no one else in Melbourne makes this drink and it is AWESOME)

So, i have been doing a lot of cycling, i am getting so fit in fact, when the bike ride was happening on Sunday, the world wide naked bike ride, i didn't have any problem in getting my gear off, to be fair, it's what the people of Melbourne deserve and i have been working out Melbourne!

And to be fair, it was about time i showed my ass in the city, i usually avoid the place like the plague!

 Were these people celebrating my birthday in their birthday suits?

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