Thursday, 22 March 2012

Life is going along swimmingly...

 March hares

So people, it's March madness and we are in it. You and me, unless you from a different time warp (and they exist too, believe me) and this is the state of affairs, nothing sexual or political unfortunately.

Well, after much 'time off', soul searching, cycling, swimming and maybe a few short breadth's and doing the things to induce shallow breathing, it very much looks like the IT industry is about to awaken from slumber, and present me with some interviews, who knows, i might be working this time next week.

Yes the Giant is awakening, i am like one of the little people in Gulliver's travels!

Can you spot me?

Hip, hip hurra......y? I think?

Johnathon Swift got the idea for Gullivers travels from looking at this mountain range while walking home drunk. True story! They are known locally as 'The sleeping giant'

Let me share this scenario with you, in getting a job interview...

So after Paddy's day, or should i say 'Paddys day', i drank too much Guinness (nothing new there), too much at the end of the night, none at the start and little during the day, maybe the correct word is binge drinking and after a pit stop at Mc Donald's on Bridge rd and taxi home, woke up at home without my beloved gym bag.

So, on a bike ride, out looking for hope the next day, i found a bag, in Malvern of all places? I ended up in that area, checking out all the streets and back lanes, Toorack too.


God knows how i ended up in that side of the city? I think it was a series of left and right turns, from god knows where, but i found hope and a lot of it too!!

The bag i found had DVD's, nice bag, good DVD's, so i lose a bag, i find one, not too shabby?

On Monday, i apply for lots of jobs on Monday and call up the agencies, i have an added sense of urgency to get a job and to get things moving in the work department and hey presto, i get a call about Global corporate Challenge and I'm looking down at my bag as the recruitment agent is telling me about the company, and i realise the bag is for not just the company, but the project the recruitment agent is talking about!

Too funny or a series of events that makes sense? 

When i think about it, if i didn't lose my bag, i would have never had went on that bike ride looking for hope or rang that agent about the job in the first place? 

And now as a result, things are after March Madness (including Paddy's day) swinging in my favour, with more job interviews on the way, and a replacement bag. It can only be a good thing? With a big endorsement from the universe, you have to laugh!

Mad as a March hare comes to mind, but only briefly.

So, what are the lessons here, you might be forgiven for asking?

  1. I need to get back to swimming and do it every day, I'm swimming personal bests ever day, this morning i did 40 min freestyle and 70 min continuous all up lap swimming!
  2. No more binge drinking
With the boozing i am reminded of the Japanese doctor in Tom Robbins book Half asleep in frog pajama
talk about when he loses the jade-cancer-curing-enema-pump (true story) when he was drunk, he says on drinking when everybody drinks too much, then have a problem, they are drunk.
He didn't have a problem before he was drunk, but when he got drunk he had a new problem.

Too true, but it seems like i have to make a mistake now and again to remind myself about what it's all about

Oh life!

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