Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Skins on a Sunday? Girls dont make me laugh!!!

Does my ass look big in this?

At least that's the question every female asking themselves in Melbourne, maybe it's subjective thing?

So, as i have been out of the house a fair bit, more out than in, especially on the weekend, one growing trend more than anything has become apparent among the females here in Melbourne.

Now, let me paint a picture for you, Melbourne is a competitive place, if you buy into competition that is, and people do, they are always comparing themselves to other people, sounds like a recipe for unhappiness?

It is, not that the locals would say that, well it is and it isn't, now there is a growing 'trend' i have seen more and more.

Girls donning their exercise gear and heading outside (very good) for a cigarette (not so good), play on the iPhone and maybe a latte to boot. You can see them everywhere, who are they foolin?

Exercise is not exercise anymore, it's a fashion show now and if you can fool everybody into believing that you exercise, better!
Yeah baby, i'm out for a 10km run
It's plain to every man and his dog what your up to when your sucking the life out of a Marlboro menthol (hmm, that minty fresh taste)

Are husbands to blame for this trend?

Has anyone told the fashion people in London, Paris or Milan of this growing trend? I suppose it's a lot easier than wearing high heels and better for you too?

To be fair, who would want to wear high heels when your popping out on the weekend?
It simply amazes me, every weekend when i see people on the street, not everybody is going exercising or was exercising, it would appear the new 'trend' is to 'look like your going to do something, who would believe it?

Too funny, i can only wonder whats going on in their heads? In fact, i struggle to understand whats going on in my head so much, i think i'll defer on that one, if i can understand the me, then i can understand the you. But not any time soon, thanks, maybe one day, over coffee, maybe we can both wear lycra?

I do have cycling shorts, but i wouldn't wear them unless i was doing less than 100kms, and then where would i put my wallet or keys? Arghh, i'll just stick to pockets, thanks.

Women, you never cease to amaze me, what will you get up to next? We can only wait with anxious hope and wonder!

Skins are the new socially acceptable outside 'Track suit pants' (Trackie dacks) for the year 2012

I wonder if Brittney knows?

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