Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blogging keeps me sane, in the membrane

A doo doo, a da da da

I went to a writing meet up group the other night, I've been meaning to go for a while, I've been practicing my writing, through my blogging for quite some years, much like someone that's been running for years, has never entered a race and has a niggling feeling, maybe i should line up at the starting line and see how i go?

Yes folks, it would appear all i sometimes need to do is put one word in front of another, to paint a pretty picture with words, i am painting my mind and since I've never really had a problem with words (not including listening to other peoples words) it's one of my greatest joys and it's cheap too!

Windows of my mind

What do i do? Well, i go to my local library, maybe with an idea for a story and i put on some DJ mix, like this one by Derrick Carter (he's one of the godfathers of the Chicago house scene) and get typing away, it pretty much writes it's self, it comes out of me!

Now, the only thing to remember is to not to think, just let it come, some people call it 'No mind', rappers call it 'flow', I'm going to side with the rappers, but both are the same and I've always seen my self as a bit of an out law


No Mind, if you dont mind

10 Rappers in flow

So, it starts off as an idea, a little splash of water, and before i know it it's a Tsunami of words, coming at you, since i publish it on line, spelling muistakes and all, it's not produced, that's how i was thinking at the time, i might think different an hour later, but that doesn't matter, it's not important.

Spelling mistakes are cool, they add a hidden depth, almost like a finger print to what people do and, i read last year, some Professor, probably in a cape(not related to Batman) said as long as people interpertate the word correctly, it doesn't matter how you spell it, i agree.

This changes everything, who the Fu*k wants to read Jane Austin anyways? Isn't it funny that the guy that sell's more book than anyone else in Australia is Semi Literat, you might know him as Chopper Read?

Hey School teachers, Jane is DEAD!!

When i was in school, i thought i wrote some pretty good stuff, i had lots of other kids laughing with my stories, but for some reason that wasn't as important as Jane Austin grammar?

I never had (and i still don't) that grammer, and neither do i want it or need it to tell the stories, to the people that search out and read my stuff, it's not important now, it wasn't important then, but it's a pity i didn't get any encouragement?


Along comes Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh and all of a sudden I'm thinking
He would have gotten a D minus for that, oh but that's the kind of writing people can relate to
 School will ruin you people, maybe it's it's a good gob i never paid much attention?

My inspiration for starting to write was Learnado Da Vinci's 'Stream writing'

I can look back at how i do these posts over the years and i can see how i have changed, developed maybe, it's something, to me, maybe I'm cataloguing my life, i some sense?

It's been a lot of little things over 5 years, which has been a big thing, it's given me perspective, more than a tattoo could do (but tattoo's are cool too!)

The best thing about it would be that some many other people all oer the world check it out too and they get a kick out of it too, some people have told me my blog posts inspire them, gives them a laugh, one guy i know was depressed and he got a laugh off them, and sometime that all you need to keep you going.

Perspective, i met a guy from Ireland with 'Perspective' tattooed on his forearm, to remind him to see his life not in one day, but in entirety, he wasn't interested in blogging, but i think writing has kept me sane over the years.

Good one Barbie!

I googled something about North Carlton the other day and i got my own blog, not bad.

On Physiologist told me once
If everyone blogged like you, we would be out of business
 Had a good day at work?

It gives me 'Job satification' to boot, i feel like i have had a good day at the office when i do this, the people that get it lie it too, i can see the stats, they are all over the world, it's now about 1700 per month, i don't get paid, maybe the google advertising is up to 50 cents, but it doesn't matter, i like it, it's my thing.

You see, A doo doo, a da da da, do it!!

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