Monday, 16 April 2012

Confest 2012 came and went, 3rd time luck for me

So, i had no idea it was time to make my 3rd pilgrimage to Confest, until someone said
'It's Easter next week, what are you doing?' 
Confest being the logical answer to that answer, every time, so i knew what i was doing and i knew where i had to go to do it.

And to be quite honest, i thought i had another few weeks, but it was Wednesday, i had 2 days to get there before it started on the Friday, so i thought I'd make a move and get organised and send out some messages to the universe, via the one stop shop

So, on Wednesday at 11.30am outside the library, i called the first guy, a German called Sigfried, he was leaving that day, after all. How early, is too early?

Sigfried said
'I am leaving in 1 hour'

Location, location, location, WTF? 

Trains, tides, sun rises and sun sets wait for no man, Sigfried can be added to this list too. It was be there or be square, i was going to be there.

So i go my skates on, got back packed my bags in much haste, made lunch, take away and i got the tram to Ceres in East Brunswick and before long we were travelling through Coburg and it was Confest here we come, phone off, goodbye outside outside world, Hip hip hurrah!!

My biggest (worst case scenario) was packing for when it's cold at night in a tent, once i had everything for that scenario, what else do you need?

A van passed us as we got close to confest, about 30 seconds Victoria's finest pulled them over and searched their van for narcotics, why couldn't they go and buy their own drugs instead of searching people's cars, seems a bit desperate?

I took this as a good sign, maybe the gods were smiling down on me?

So, each time i have been to Confest has been very distinct, this time as i walked around, i seemed to know a few people here and there, more there than here, how the French would say déjà vu?

Whats the easiest way to get what you want?
Easiest way, i'd say is by helping other people, as i walked around i helped people put up their tents and what ever issue i was thinking about was resolved, no more problems, i solved some people's problems, they solved mine, is this the secret to life? It was certainly seeming like that was the case?


Some of the highlights were the following workshops:
  • Creative writing (i wrote what could be the start of a novel)
  • Bodily energy fields ( i was told my piercing on my neck is blocking my energy, good because i think it blocks my crazy energy

And of course there was plenty of river swimming, in what seemed like my own private river

One of the workshops mentioned a book called 'The official guide to success' by Tom Hopkins which might be worth a read?

  • When you try, your saying you cant do what ever you are doing, just be...
  • Confidence comes when you don't have to think
  • When i comes to relationships, one of the most important things to understand is the other persons culture
  • What ever you think in a situation, that's the way you are
  • Ask yourself in any situation,What's the best thing i can do now?' 
It was really interesting to hear some people talk, it's the most eclectic gathering you can go to in Australia
I heard one guy say how you have to separate your self from your issues, culture, feelings, who you think you are and put it to one side
And what left, will be pure love can emerge from yourself, your true being can emerge,Interesting point.

Dont forget to wash behind youre ears!!

And then there was the mud pit, sauna, i go almost every day, but how often do you get to go naked and then there was the rumors of naked people, getting up to all kinds of hanky panky, i understand the hanky, but where does all the panky come into the equation, and is the answer = 1.....Abraham Lincon?

Anyway, Confest was the medicine, yet again, it's the cure for what ails yea! Every time and i wasn't sure if i was suffering from anything, but i came back super chilled out, maybe a bad case of the munchies for 6 days and about 2 kilos heavier.

The best thing has to be, after sleeping in a tent for 6 nights, sleeping in my bed is only heaven, oh, what joy!!

Come away with me??

The last night of the festival, i saw a chick with a sign 'Take me to Byron bay', i wasn't going to do one, but i was egged on, so i did one too and before i knew it, a Sri Lankan called 'Missa' tapped me on the shoulder and told me that he was going back the next day at 2pm, and he was there exactly on time, it was too good to be true and before long i was riding in style to home sweet home.

Oh life!!


There was plenty of panky and hanky (but not in that order, but you wont read about it here, maybe one day I'll pen a 'Mills and Boon' novel, of maybe i wont, or maybe you'll have to ask me?

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