Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lose one thing, find other things, found hope, love?

So, it's been a bit of a big few weeks since i last typed out a few words here, I'm still not working, this might be good or bad, i just cant seem to figure it out?

You might read this blog for pleasure, i write it for therapy. It helps me make sense of my life. People get a kick out of it all over the world, when i get around to reading it, maybe i will too?
The site stats tell me there are 1700 people like you checking out my words per month, so maybe that's hope too? For you and me.

I do lots of 'things' that i enjoy and don't cost money, cycling, reading, swimming, i can now swim continious freestyle for 1 hour, about 3kms, this is a huge achievement for me people!

I don't need much money because i don't spend too much money. Either what I'm doing is right or wrong, but either way there is hope and maybe that's worth singing and dancing about?

So, as a continuation from this story about Paddys day, i called into some Op shops looking for swimming shorts that i lost and picked up a:
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tarp to cover my bikes when it rains
  • New Speedos for swimming (nice) and other new shorts
So it seemed to me how i was finding what i really needed from looking for what i wanted?

Alchemy circle

I was in a bar called 'The Alchemist' on Brunswick st recently, while doing my business in the toilet, some reading material posted to the walls caught my attention and it seemed very relevant to my life.

It seems like the early Alchemy scientist's while (motivated by greed, of course) discovered important chemical techniques while trying to unlock the secret of Alchemy, they didn't discover the secret, but mankind has benefited from these discoveries. Studies of alchemy also influenced Isaac Newton's theory of gravity

Maybe all this will lead to a job, sooner or later, would a sexual favour be too much to ask?

So i passed a garage sale on Saturday, and one of the items i got was a gym bag, the exact one i lost, and it was brand new too, boom, i'm back in business, plus:
  • A new big tea pot
  • 2 good new jackets
  • A picnic set
  • Books
  • A very nice well fitting shirt
A few hundreds dollars of stuff, all for $40.

The tighter fitting shirts fit so well, i have decided to ditch all my old shirts and move down in size with more better fitting shirts, the old shirts are at the op shops waiting for you if you are a size large, so don't wait too long!!

It's almost like i was meant to find a new vision of the bag i lost and i was supposed to get switched on to the idea of getting rid of large clothes, by trying out the well fitting shirt, because that's exactly what i have been thinking and doing.

Later in the day on Sunday, i met a woman in Albert park, i told her i was having a great day and life was fantastic, she told me if i found a 15k diamond on Fitzroy st, in St Kilda it's hers.

Now that she has kids, a diamond is only an object, but an object worth a lot of money none the less, it was her grand mother's, before having kids, losing the diamond would have killed her.
But now the kids are more important and thats interesting to hear, especially since she experienced it!

Bounce like tigger, dont lose your bounce kids!

I told her sometimes it's good to see how quickly you can bounce back from something, there is always a silver lining in the cloud, it pays to be annoyingly optimistic and roll with the punches and come back with the knock out punch?


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