Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A sequence of events that makes sense...

Let me tell you a sequence of events that makes sense, after spending a long weekend in a place called Lancefield

Last Monday, i got a phone call in the Library from a recruitment agency, so i went to some unoccupied book shelves, to take the call, and i spotted a book, a little one and it was full of some inspirational quotes, so i grabbed it.

I did buy this Video and CD set at a very impressionable age 

Later that night I'm having a bit of a read, feeling a bit worse for wear from binging on the weekend, the after purging, not the kind of balanced life i hope to live, it's ok if you like Metallica, but then you get old and you like other kind of music as well?

I was thinking, should i use my free comedy ticket? The next page of the little book said
'Go to a comedy club'
So i went, i invited someone who lives around the corner from the club too, but no joy there, i was flying solo.

So i get there, and as per always, they ask you to fill out a form at the table and you get 4 free passes, so after noting that the bar people have better things to do, other than read these things people are writing on the forms.

I filled out form = 4 free tickets, so i collected a few more, made up details, lots of funny stuff too!
I hope that who ever had to read my compositions thought it was funny, after all it was the comedy festival, should life be all work and no play?

And after all, i like writing, it was very entertaining for me!
So, i go in with a free double pass, i come out with 24 passes, so one of the people i invite was Gerrard Da Urban farmer.

The next night, Gerrard calls me, i call him on Skype, i call over for dinner.
Friday, I'm passing his door, after i tell him to get all his crap off the foot path, Gerrard blurts out
'Do you want to come to the country?'
Of course i did, and before i knew it, I'm on my way to a place called Lancefield (never heard of the place) and we spend the weekend sleeping under the stars, camp fires and fantastic times.

One of the things i did on the last day included bare foot bush walking up to the top of a hill, to sit on a rock and quietly contemplate the scenery, i was told it was well worth doing...so i did it!

Lets cut to Oscar Wilde, in the novel 'Oscar Wilde and the nest of vipers' only to frame our mind on contemplation
You are on form this morning i remarked, it was the bath Robert -  and the Savoy bath salts, scented with Jasmine and bitter almonds for 30 minutes as dawn broke i lay foaming, fragrant water - and i did nothing but contemplate my toes
'I envy you', i said, feeling the rough stubble of my chin and cheeks
'You should admire me' Robert, in the opinion of society, contemplation is the gravest thing of which any citizen can be guilty, in the opinion of the highest culture it is the proper occupation of man, i am hoping the fruits of my contemplation will be the resolution of my case
I got given an Oscar Wilde book too by a woman starting a magazine and is looking for writers, interesting? I am interested!!

The resolution of my case, as i sat up on the hill was to start taking full responsibility for my life, and to only drink socially and responsibly from here on in.

And the funny thing is, i checked out my horoscope on Saturday to see what Johnathon Cainer had to say about the world and here's what he said for me

Black holes. What are they? Shortcuts from one part of the universe to another? Or quagmires into which you have fallen, you will never emerge? Let us leave those various hypotheses well alone - for they, in turn are vortices's. They absorb our energy, time and attention yet rarely leave us any the wiser. So, too do personal conflicts and inexplicable emotional needs. don't be tempted to get drawn further into a situation that you should really steer clear of. If you cant see the answer, leave the question alone.
I did think it was like a black hole, i was in all week (Tequila and lots of wine, being the fuel for the fire) but i was being transported to another universe, like a short cut? How funny, it ties in with stuff i realised and learnt at Confest too

Tons of stories to come, all will be explained, except the inexplicable


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