Friday, 27 April 2012

Testing, testing, get ready for Agile living!

So, i have been back in Melbourne since September and not much has happened, in the line of work and that sort of thing.

There is more to life than work, and i have been doing other things, like swimming, cycling, reading and being engaged in my surroundings, i haven't been playing PlayStation and watching TV, i have been out and about, living social and now it's left me a bit drained.
What makes you who you are, is what you do outside your job
That's what a New Zealander told me many years ago, and it's something I've always remembered too.

Whats your moment?

Somehow, i never feel bored, i read a while back as you get older, you should have more interests, so by the time you retire, you don't hit a wall when you stop working, your other interests carry you on, you have more time to do all the hobbies, interests that you have.

This is how i feel, maybe I'm ready for retirement?

So, after putting the message out to the universe
Give me the job i want or else I'm fucking off out of here for the winter!
 I get a call for an interview, and another interview, so i should have 2 interviews on Monday, after that, i will be either working in my career in software testing again or milking bulls in Northern NSW, something has to give and give it will and soon!

Feeling Agile?

It's funny that Agile is a term that has been adopted by the IT industry to enable the large companies get a jump on the small companies that have been quick to make decisions, large companies would take a month of meetings and discussions (all very democratic stuff, no Christians getting fed to lions, which seems a bit boring? Lions get hungry too, yea know?)

So, it's all Agile testing, Agile framework and methodology now get ready for Agile living, maybe i should copyright it?


Whats the point in getting ideas if you don't act on them? So, i got the idea over the weekend, my friend Gerrard made a few calls, i was talking to some chick by Byron bay, she is telling me to come hang out with her, i could be living in a Wig Wam and Woofing on a farm.

I might have been an Indian chief in my past life? If i was i will be totallty at home!

All hail Chief Agile

What happened last weekend you might say? Well, i was doing practical stuff, in the country, sleeping under the stars, cooking, washing dishes, lighting camp fires and keeping them going, and being an all round helper monkey, i was immersed in nature and it felt good?

I like howling at the moon, and this woofing business could be the thing for me, not much point on being in Melbourne, when your toes are cold, when they could be nice and warm up north.

This could be my new CV in a few months

Flights to the Gold Coast are $50, i have a mate in South port, i could go to Dreamworld again all too easily, and Byron Bay is down the road, too easy! I have somewhere to store my stuff for a few months and i could be helping people and making a difference.

The guy i met last weekend Marty, i going to build a house i had an idea for, so it might make sense for me to go alone and witness his mistakes and try and moth repeat them myself?

Time can be a mother*ucker, who am i to argue, it was here before me?

Time will tell and i'm not going to waste too much of it since i'm never going to get it back!

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