Monday, 28 May 2012

Luv u long time Mary Reiby, $20 Australia!

So, i'm wondering how i got the idea for a story about 'Mary Reiby', and as it turns out, she lived in Newtown, Sydney, i spent a bit of time there myself, back in my day, in fact i'm there right now, but not for much longer, so that probably answers that question.

So, do you know the $20 note folks?

 Yep, you sure do i'll bet, well there is a picture of a woman on it, not just any woman, she was the richest woman in Australia in her day.

Wanted woman?

Whats interesting is she got 'transported' to the colony for stealing horses, her husband died and she got richer, maybe she was able to leverage her experience in horse stealing in her husbands trade?

Maybe she was living proof that there is hope for everybody, a female St Paul?

Maybe one day they will put me on a note? Maybe it will be a 'Note to vacate'?

Maybe something is better than nothing?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

You know me i'm on the 3-3-3...

I waited over 20 minutes last week from Circular Queue, Sydney for the bus '333', just so this video 'The life organic' would be more meaningful, i could have hopped on about 10 others, but it had to be the number '333', just because of this song

Sydney, i think i like you... again?

Take a look for yourself...


Whats interesting is there was a priest in Ireland that told his flock that doing coke on a Saturday night and eating organic food on Sunday wasn't exactly a balanced diet, i guess he could have been on to something?

I guess priests just know a lot of useful stuff? Which is interesting as Dermot Morgan AKA Fr Ted, died after having a massive heart attack, due to doing coke

Fr Ted

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Living backwards in time, now i remember!

I was thinking of the story of Chuang Tzu and the butterfly
One morning Chuang Tzu awoke from his sleep. He told his students, "Last night I dreamt that I was a beautiful butterfly fluttering through the fields. Now I awaken.
My question is this; how do I know if I am Chuang Tzu, who dreamt himself a butterfly, or if I am a butterfly, now dreaming itself Chuang Tzu?"
His butterfly dream is a very well-known story, a Taoist parable on the nature of reality. Within this simple story we can find four important lessons;

1, Oneness - connecting himself with such a different fragile being than humans, chuang tzu wants to emphasize that all are one.

2, Life is like a dream - anything that happens in our so called life is just like this butterfly dream after all it's transient - like Heraclitus *-or

3, Eternal with transformation of things- with this example of butterfly
  • A butterfly goes through larval or pupal stages;
  • Human beings go through a metamorphosis after necessary knowledge over a period of time, the mind begins to process the information to extract wisdom for the soul.
4, Awakening awareness - another lesson, is also the moment of clarity and realization and in deed it is the power of now, achieving this, leads anyone make amazing discoveries.

In the dream, Chuang Tzu was clear about his identity, but after he was awakened, this became uncertain. He did not know whether it was Chuang tzu dreaming that he was a butterfly, or whether it was the butterfly dreaming that it was Chuang tzu?

Reality is subjective and dream is objective, in other words, awakening rises to ignorance or uncertainty of what is known as reality. This uncertainty hides in itself the awakening awareness.

I saw this quote by Heraclitus
"Everything changes and nothing remains still... and... you cannot step twice into the same stream"

... he had taught himself by questioning himself. Burnet states in any case that "... Xenophanes left Ionia before Herakleitos was born.
" Diogenes relates that as a boy Heraclitus had said he "knew nothing" but later claimed to "know everything." His statement that he "heard no one" but "questioned himself," can be placed alongside his statement that:
"the things that can be seen, heard and learned are what I prize the most"
I sometimes think of the person i was in college doing Electronics and Computers in Cork, thinking of the kind of person I'd be in the future, in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and where and what i would be doing in in the future with the Information technology stuff i was learning?

Well now, I'm that same guy, 15 years on and I'm thinking of that same person, backwards in time, that was thinking of me, and I've been remembering who i am more and more, sometimes it's the thought that counts, yea know? It seems like a time travel plot from a HG Wells novel?

The thought that counted?

The term 'Backwards in time', reminds me of a book called 'The way of the Wizard'

Which is basically...
Life rewards Productivity, you might have the talents or gifts, but if you dont use them or if you have not discovered what they are, your life is one big 'Mottainai' 

Mottainai Grandma (Check out the translations)
Mottainai in Japanese refers to far more than just physical waste (resources) as in other cultures. It can refer to wasted and wasteful efforts and actions, activities, time, souls, talents, emotion, minds, dreams, and potential. It is even used to refer to thought patterns that give rise to wasteful action
The future is here, the time is now.

To live backwards in time you choose the outcome and react to the desired outcome and future instead of present events, focus on the outcome and choose your response, in doing so, you can create your future

Another thing i used to do was to imagine who i wanted to be in the future, and i would then try to imagine that person advising me on what to do when making important decisions

It's a buddhist meditation technique i read somewhere, i asked a buddhist meditator about it once, he told me he never heard of it, so much for that idea? But it really worked for me, so what can i say, maybe it was my idea in the first place? Who needs Buddhism, when  you have ideas like that?

I was reading Anthony Kedis autobiography (from the Chili Peppers) and he was saying how he knew
'A lot of people that got into the music business that ended up forgetting themselves and getting caught up and consumed by drugs and drink'
Now, when they started off they knew what they were about, somehow they forgot and it was game over, before long.

I remember being at Rainbow Serpent last year, one of the songs at a singing group lyrics was
'I remember who i am, I remember who i am' 
Over and over again, sometimes you need to remind yourself

I remembered this...

By remembering key moments in my life like this, it has bridged a link in my mind, it's connected me with the past, present and that seems like a good foundation for the future.

After being back in Sydney, especially in Newtown, my home for 18 months about 11 years ago, i can't believe i never swam or cycled here?

I wont even mention running as i havent been doing that too much lately either.
It's like there was a law, forbidding me from running and i obeyed that law? That would be a world's first, for me?

Me obeying a law?
Swimming and cycling being such a big part of what i do now, sure i surfed in those days, sometimes 4 times a week and that was great, i remember deciding
It's either surfing or playing the guitar?
I chose surfing as i didn't know when my lifestyle in Australia would be up, now i do neither playing guitar or surfing

Life becomes a series of habits, some good, some bad, the thing seems to replace all the bad ones with good habits (and maybe a few hobbits?) and before you know it your doing laps in swimming pools you passed to go on pub crawls

What was the dream again?

Not much has changed in Newtown or Sydney and a lot has changed, me being the biggest change and that's the change that had and did happen for me to be able to see the world in a new way, and it's funny, when i walk around (and not cycle) i can feel those times 11 years ago of who i was and now who i am.

If i was to live here all over again, i would do things differently

Like it says, same same but...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Introducing Moses, the counting dog!

So, while  was over in Lentel as anything, in the Abbotsford convent yesterday, just before left i spotted a dog i had seen before and his more domesticated buddy, another dog.

For the life of me i cant remember the name of the tame dog, but i guess that's the price you pay for being responsible and behaving yourself, if you a dog?

The owner of Moses was telling me that Moses grandaddy was a dab hand at sniffing truffles, now it's the mushroom season here in Melbourne,  wonder if Moses 'special' talents couldn't be used more effectively?

Anyway, take it away Moses

And i got thinking of this
The count's counting song

Which got me thinking about the number 0, which is the newest number

One of my ex-housemates Jackson was asked:
Centrelnk: Have you tried looking for any jobs?
Jackson: No
Centrelnk:You need to double your efforts, triple you efforts
Jackson: Zero times 2 = Zero
 Clever guy, now the history of 0, it's the newest number of all the numbers and there is quite an interesting story about interest and those tiny little numbers that start with 0...

Introducing Zero
 'A sign that creates confusion and difficulties'

It's interesting to note that the catholic church once declared it a sin to charge interest on loans, they called it usury , oh how things have changed

But don't thank me, thank Moses!

The next book i'm going to read is one of my all time favourites, 'The count of Monte Cristo', do you think there is a connection?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Benjamin Franklin, Warren Buffett and Ghandi?

  I was watching the National geographic channel last night in my favourite Turkish cafe in Coburg, in fact the only Cafe i go to, I'm known there, I'm somebody, I'm local, so i go there, one of the commercials that came on said
One of the best places to hide secrets is in the past
 Too true, and i was thinking of how Warren Buffett is a modern day Benjamin Franklin and i'm thinking of Ghandi and the lessons to be learnt from them moving forward and it continues...

Warren Buffett

It occurred to me on one of my bike rides how influential Warren Buffett is in the world we live in

Why? You say, yeah, i was asking myself the same questions

Well recently he held his annual meeting and 35,000 people descended on Omaha to hear what he has to say, yep it's a time of recession, but the question everybody all over the world is asking is
What's Buffett doing, what's he thinking?
If you can do what he's doing and see how he sees the world, there is only opportunity, yeah, but what is it?
What's the next thing Warren, we're getting killed by this recession over here!

Warren goes shopping

In case you don't know anything about him,
  • He's considered one of the worlds wealthiest guys
  • He started off with $20,000 investment
  • Doesn't like dealing with lawyers
  • Doesn't invest in Hi tech stock or anything Internet related
  • Doesn't get caught up in the hype
  • He's happy to do his deals and not be concerned what anybody else is up to
  • Plays the ukalaie and plays bridge
  • Pays himself a wage of $50,000 a year
  • Lives in the same house he first bought
  • Helped Arnold sort out California's financial mess
  • Wont deal with anyone he doesn't trust and does deals by shaking your hand
  • Will only make one offer, if you don't like it, that's ok, he wont make another
  • His business Charlie Munger is one of the smartest guys he knows, Charlie never had formal education, but models his education, like applying a model for learning chemistry for a model for learning Engineering and is completely self taught
  • He's about the only rich guy in America that thinks rich people are not paying enough tax, much to Obama's relif
  • He doesn't mind paying tax?
  • He never uses a computer or calculator to work out a stock price, if the number doesn't jump at him, he just doesn't bother
  • Sometimes, there are years when he doesn't do much when there aren't opportunities, so he does nothing, but when a good deal comes his way, he's always ready
He's basically driven by common sense, trust and if you break that trust, he wont deal with you, nobody else will too

His idea of fun is delivering newspapers with his grandson, he loved doing it as a kid because it gave him time to think

From all of this, people flock to him with offers and if he does business with you, other people will want to do business with you 


When i was in India i picked up Gandhi's book, 'My experiments with truth'

When Ghandi practiced as a lawyer, he would not tolerate any lies, if he didn't think his client had been wronged, he would not deal with him, and every body knew it too.

One time, he realised his client had lied to him and he asked the judge to award the case to the other party, word got out that Gandhi was really serious about telling the truth and pretty soon, even his less honest clients would only send him the honest cases.

With a reputation like this, as soon as Gandhi walked into a court room, it was a done deal who would win the case and it was all down to honesty and reputation.

Ben Franklin

So too, Benjamin Franklin  built his career on his reputation and honest dealings

I remember reading in his autobiography how Mr Franklin ran away to Philadelphia to escape harsh treatment by his brother, he arrived with only enough money for bread, he bought 3 loafs, carried one under each arm walking up the street, while eating the other, saw a hungry pregnant woman with a kid and gave her 2 loafs, and tha's how he started in Philadelphia!

Check out some of the facts and  interesting stories about Benjamin Franklin

Above all, he built a career on honest dealing, hard work, inspiring, improving the lives of his fellow men and his reputation, in too many ways to mention here.
 Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended.
He was a very influential states man, writer and if anyone wanted to get an project off the ground, the first question everyone would ask was
What does Benjamin Franklin think?
 Yes indeed, he did write about debt and how it was another form of slavery, take a look at some of his quotes

Monday, 14 May 2012

If not now, when?

So, i came back last night after a day party in Brunswick, not Brunswick st, it might seem like I've moved up in the world? Maybe a bit north? Well on the map anyways.

I did what i usually do and look at 'Exposing the truth' on Facebook, who ever is behind that page is very driven, in every sense of the world, with all the updates they do, or crazy?
Sometimes crazy works, the wrong people tend to avoid you, the right kind of people recognise you.

Anyways, one of the posts was, if not now, when, it an article aimed at women, but very much applies to everybody, man woman, child, horse, dog (especially Chihuahua's!)

"I know chihuahuas that's mo' rah rah, / Ha ha, / I have to laugh Dre, I bet he take bubble baths" 
Do you like me?

Rah Rah     
A stuck person who thinks he/she is so special and posh that they are just simply a rah rah!
Rah rah on the phone chatting about dinner parties and such things
'Oh yes those girls over there are just so below me, they live in a semi detached house and I live in a mansion on a private road' Oh she's such a Rah Rah!
I have been having the same thoughts recently, but not the Rah Rah ones, i just like to keep it random, just for old times sake

Lots of books, articles i have been reading recently have been referring to doing things now, Osho talks about when you want to stop doing something that you keep doing, like binge drinking or smoking
'Just jump out of it'
 Julia Cameron says to be a writer you need to 'Just do it'

What is it?

I have done a bit of travelling i guess and now that the budget is getting tight, I'm so glad i did it, i can draw on all the memories, i have been reliving them in the past few weeks, quite a comfort, since i have been connecting ore and more with the past, it seems like the best way forward is backwards and now I'm leaping forward in a big way.

Now listen to Future Frog, and leap into the future with me!

I have been learning more and more about myself, and i can see who i was and now i can see who i am becoming, and now it seems like i can see a whole new world and people are coming to me, just when Melbourne is turning around for me, in a big way, but not the career.
You what what you need, not what you want
 One of the guys i stayed with in Porto Seguro, Brazil said:
'Kieran, i don't think your very lucky, i think your very fortunate'
When i have always wanted help,  get it, i do pretty good at roulette too

Feeling lucky?

 I'm off to Byron bay to volunteer and help out and be of use on a farm, maybe learn to build a cost effective house with some people i met a few weeks ago?

It's time to roll the dice, spin the wheel and get on with life, sometimes that's the only thing you can do.

Another article read last night was about insecurity, check it out, i can literally see myself being described in it, most people could, but you wouldn't want to hear it if someone told you, oh the joys of being able to read! Maybe being able to read made me insecure in the first place, which reminds me of this

Chris Smither

I remember being in India, while on a meditation retreat and hearing about Attachment and aversions, even a person with nothing can be attached to their opinions, attachments are not just about material wealth.

 Maybe John was on to something, even as a 5 year old?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Making a home through art

One of the quotes i read recently is
'One writes to make a home for oneself on paper, in time in others minds' - Alfred Kazin
Which is quite interesting, in a way, as  had a similar thought the other night on a bike ride on the Moonie Ponds bike trail.

Some of the 'Graffiti/Murials' i saw seemed to say to be by people that could never afford to buy in Melbourne, but were very much a part of the place, it was like they were leaving their mark on the place, much like how someone with a house might decorate the kitchen?

Other people paint the concrete to make it more visually appealing, if you can afford a house you might find it appealing, while out for a stroll with your poodle in your beige pressed pants, after all street art isn't telling you to buy Pepsi max or a Gucci handbag.

If you don't spend a weeks wages on this bag, nobody will ever like you!!

It takes a bit of getting used to not looking at wall that's artistic that's not telling you to buy things that you don't need, just think of all the $$ you could save, he might make a good job of your living room too, you might never bother turning the TV on again?

Days of being brainwashed and waiting to die, might be a thing of the past, you might start living every day as if it was you last? Or not?

One of the paintings i saw was done with a Painters roller and was
It seemed to say to me
Lighten up buddy, don't take yourself so seriously, you'll be dead before you know it!
And how true too. I was telling a guy called Joe this outside the Juddy Roller cafe in Fitzroy, Joe said

'Sync is a Kiwi, he's a funny guy, they are thinking of making a cartoon based on him'
Learning is movement, from moment to moment - Krishanamurti
What has been evident to me is, the deepest secret in our hearts is that we are writing because we love the world, but t comes across in different ways, from the graffiti artists to the rich guys further up the track that have huge houses, lights on all over the place with no one in them.

A bit too Zen for me, I'm with the graffiti artists

 And on we go... 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Thoughts and companionship of my soul

So, quite recently, i don't know if you've noticed? I've been going on a few bike rides, at night.

 How would you notice? I swoop in and out of my lane way in a way only Batman could do, and he does, now i do it too, it works, try it for yourself!

I remember someone telling me in South America, there is 2 ways to see a city
  1. During the day and
  2. At night
'So give me the night' as George Benson would say, being the inspiration for my latest adventures and maybe coming home later than expected and seeing flashing lights, maybe combined with the music in my head, i probably thought
'I think this could lead somewhere?'
Now George Benson

And as it literally has led me places, all over and around the city and has led me to the voices in my soul, which has been very interesting and i have been listening, how could i not?

I know what your thinking
You: 'Kieran, sounds like you've changed'
Me: 'Yes, i have, i think i have, and for the better too!'
Last night, i was out in Brunswick, at a warehouse party and a club and to be quite honest, it wasn't my scene at all, not any more, I'd rather be on my bike, seeing the sights, since no one else seems to have this same idea, the whole place is mine, but only for a few hours, but what a few hours!!

I discovered a cool Turkish cafe that closes at 5am, run by a very nice guy that is always super nice, i smoke apple, cherry and mint sisha watch soccer, drink Turkish drinks (my favourite being Sahleb), eat a toasted sandwich and roll home, what an excellent substitute to drinking.

What is quite interesting, i realised a few nights ago was, i was reading somewhere
Everything in the world is the way you wanted, you chose your reality
 Well, on one of my rides out by Broad Meadows, i took a series of turns, and ended up at an intersection, i know i had been to a few nights before, but i thought i was taking a new route, but i didn't, it was the same route, i chose it a 2nd time, all over again and the outcome was the same.

Would i have made the same choices in my life all over again? Well, i certainly learnt a lot? And it's been comforting being able to draw on the memories of all the people and places i have been to, every day i get more comfortable under my skin (and the ink) and it's very comfortable indeed, for the first time in a long time, it feels good to be this content, consistently too.

The Maribyrnong trail is another great ride at nigh, to see the city lights!

I was thinking, would i make all the choices i have made all over again? I'm making what could be conceivable a big choice by heading off to Byron bay, i didn't think I'd have the energy to move interstate again, but it being all too easy, it's happening, it's almost like the universe is willing me to go, i even found boxes to pack my stuff, near my house, too easy, call a number, they get picked up and i could even cycle to the airport VIA a bike path, i know the way too!

It comes down to our choices. I choose...

Jon talks about choices here

 So, why not? I know more about the place than most people born in Melbourne, and people from Melbourne are a dying breed in Zone 1, since Zone 1 i inhabited by people 'from somewhere else', me being one of them.

And i get fit too, i cycle for about 6 hours, and i go too, it's like the paths pull me along, i just cant believe it took me 10 years to get switched on to that idea?

Julia Cameron says:
The dead ends and cul de sacs that you explore may be leading somewhere, somewhere unknown. The unknown is never boring. You may be less bored than 'Boring into something'
 I am drawing my energies back into my own core for use along the lines of my own agenda
Until you start to like your own company even the company of someone else, be alone

I get it, i've been having such a good time by myself and now i'm looking forward to the next thing.


Words were brought to you VIA the mix that got me hooked on electronic music, Ben Watt, take a listen!

Friday, 11 May 2012

'Morning pages' are the new 'Morning glory'...i think?

So, quite recently, i discovered the wonder of Julia Cameron.

Julia who? Yeah, that's what i would have said just a little over a week ago, but i'm not sure if she found me or i found her, out in Footscray, i was chasing hope, some were chasing the dragon, i have 2 dragons on my arm, so i was quite ok for that kind of thing.

Something happened and now life is happening, all over again, in fact it happen's ever day, but some days you feel more awake than other's.

I've gone from this

To this
 Julia explains

Yeah, whats the story?

Well it would appear some little insights have been revealed to me, due to a lot of things happening to me recently, the people i've met, things being revealed is probably a better phrase and now i feel like i'm awake and there is light at the end of the rainbow, maybe a little pot of gold?

Julia mentions, how you have to dig for the gold in yourself, any self respecting miner knows this, it's there, you have to clear your mind and dig, maybe be if your a little like Homer Simpson, you might need to dig up, maybe just throw a lot of dirt up in the air and test the laws of gravity?

Who know's? It' all in the process, just do it and you will get to where you need to go.

In order to retrieve your creativity, you need to find it. I ask you to do this by an apparently pointless process I call the morning pages

The door to go north has opened for me, a unique opportiunity in fact, so far it's been too easy, a little too easy, all i have to do is go.

I'm slowly becoming the person i want to be and it's quite exciting, you dont get what you want, but you get what you need, at last i get what i need and maybe, i need to head to Byron and that's what i need, getting back to nature and learning more important things in life than IT, which really isn't happening.

So thats the vision, so far so good.


Monday, 7 May 2012

Out looking for hope..... in Footcrazy?

...and i found hope too, in books, one of them had pictures, this one in fact!!

So stuck with a bit of a (dementia?) dilemma, of what to do last Wednesday, i wanted to go somewhere new, something different, cycle somewhere, for lunch? Quite a dementia!!

I've pretty much been doing anything i can think worthwhile every day in Melbourne, bike riding, swimming, where, where new?

Once it starts raining, i wont care to be out and about, i will be quite content to stay in, it might be a nice change?

Where in the world?

Footscray or 'Footscrazy' came to mind. Where else can you go in Melbourne and feel like you in Vietnam, Africa or some Australian suburb that has had it's fair share of drug issues and still does and you can see it too?

 I read a story about how 2 guys eating at Lentels wanted to know what language some guy was speaking, the response was 'English' their response was
'English? That's a funny language'
It sure is funny, and we is doin it!!

Anyways i set off for lunch in 'Lentel as Anything' in Footscray, after lunch, i walked around and before i knew it i was in an Op-shop, and like i always do, i was looking at the book section.

Now i don't like buying books, per-say, i get them free from the library, but i do like buying books as presents for people, that's why its called 'the present', it's a gift!

Once i saw the writing in the inlay of this book, i knew i had to have it, it didn't matter what the book was about, it wasn't about the book, more like the memories attached to the person that bought it.

 Inlay writing caught my attention and captivated me, it really did

At a glance, the person that bought this book knows the person turning 50 years old, about 34 years, at the time of writing, about as much time as I'm alive.

And they have remained friends this period of time, interesting.

Now, I've been in Melbourne since 2000, (12 years to the mathematically challenged) and i feel like i know only a few people, hardly any of them are from Melbourne, it's a little mystery how you can live in a place and not know that many people?

Melbourne in the Autumn

Now that winter is coming in, lots of people are leaving or have left, it's getting bleak on the friends scene, how will i know anyone for 34 years on their 50th birthday at this rate?

Will i start having to be nice to people?

It reminds me of New York, in some ways, when you go to NY, you don't meet many people from there, they are always from somewhere else, not that people visiting NY can tell, tourists think everyone in NY is rude, that's only because they are new to the joint themselves

NY is a transient town, Melbourne too, everybody is renting, short term, everybody minds their own business and doesn't want to get involved and I'm not getting involved in that here, but it would make you think.

One of my friends summed it up
'A lot of people think people from NY are rude, but the truth is those rude people are not from here at all, they come here and make us look bad'
Whats is interesting, if you got to Boston, everybody you meet is from there, grew up there, the place looks nice, people own the places they live in, they have an interest in where they live, it shows when you look around.

I do remember seeing a sign in Boston in Dunken Donuts that said
'Go Sox, Yankees go home'
I guess you wouldn't be inclined to stray too far from home with an attitude like that?

Everyone in NY rents, much like here, they rent someones investment property, who can afford a home, not the people that need them, like family's!

I found 2 other books too

Julia Cameron's 'The writers life', absolutely fantastic, it cost me a $1.50, i cant believe i debated with myself to buy it or not, she is the only person to sum up a lot of my things that happen to be my opinions also, truly amazing!!

Interview with Julia

This book found me, it helped me change my perspective, as it did for my other friends and it found me when i needed to be reminded of why I'm here and what it's all about

The book was previously a present for someone also

Who would have thought i would find hope that way, but i did, there were junkies getting busted on the street by undercover cops, it was all going on, i got a bag of apples for $1, boom!!!!

Too true, Ali was a luck girl! 

I had the best conversation with some German chick leaving Melbourne the next day, and she was a skater too, seek and ye shall find, a totally excellent day!!!

You cant tell the future if you dont know whats going on in your life now

As is my habit sometimes while i am looking for hope in the day, i sometimes check out Jonathon Cainer's horoscopes in the Herald sun, one of the many rubbish papers in Australia, the only facts in the paper are as follows:
  1. The date
  2. The price
  3. And lastly the Horoscope
He obviouly had a good day at work, in fact i think he was on fire that day, so i read all his predictions, quality stuff and here they are for you viewing.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Time marches on...

 I waited a year to get this tattoo, so i got it!

So, it's become quite interesting that a lot of things i have been reading have been related to time management, optimising time, getting more and editing life down to the important things, this includes making an ignore list as much as a 'To-do list'

To do

I saw a tattoo at the Rites of passage tattoo convention, it was easily the best work, by a Jo Harrison from Birmingham, in England, she finished a tattoo and started breast feeding a baby, i guess she has been busy since last year, yep, she was that good.

Jo's work

Anyways the writing on the guys arm read
'A man that dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life'
I was reading a book called '18 minutes', it recommends that you have 5 things you focus on per year, 3 personal and 2 professional and everything you do is focused on that, the deal is you pick things you will get the most benefit from and that's how you will improve the most over a year.

Time management motivates me, every day i have a list of things to do that i have written the night before, the number one thing is always
1,  'Go running', or 'Go swmmng' 
And it flows from there, i get up and i get on with it, from one day to the next and these days make up your life, i do all the little things that make a big difference and i have fun too, which is a big motivator too, i always knew it, i make time for fun and it's in the book 18 minutes too, in fact most of the things i do are in that book, which is kind of re assuring, maybe 'm dong something right after all?

I met a German guy at Confest that told me he was very lazy, that's why he was super organized, i have to say, i could be German too, being organised helps me do all the fun things that do that makes life enjoyable, for me.

I was hanging out with my friend Adrian at the Abbotsford convent last night, he told me
'Mental conditioning motivates me, experiencing extremes'
After thinking about it, that fits in exactly with Brian Eno's view on music

You experience an extreme and come back to a point that's comfortable, check it out!

Now i've had an idea to run a half marathon in the next 2 months, it was my fitness goal, last year, i did 14kms, i've always wanted to do it, so i think i will make a start and that should keep me so pre occupied i wont know which way is up.

Whats the point in getting ideas if you don't act on them?

And now i know what i have to do!

 What motivates you?
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