Monday, 14 May 2012

If not now, when?

So, i came back last night after a day party in Brunswick, not Brunswick st, it might seem like I've moved up in the world? Maybe a bit north? Well on the map anyways.

I did what i usually do and look at 'Exposing the truth' on Facebook, who ever is behind that page is very driven, in every sense of the world, with all the updates they do, or crazy?
Sometimes crazy works, the wrong people tend to avoid you, the right kind of people recognise you.

Anyways, one of the posts was, if not now, when, it an article aimed at women, but very much applies to everybody, man woman, child, horse, dog (especially Chihuahua's!)

"I know chihuahuas that's mo' rah rah, / Ha ha, / I have to laugh Dre, I bet he take bubble baths" 
Do you like me?

Rah Rah     
A stuck person who thinks he/she is so special and posh that they are just simply a rah rah!
Rah rah on the phone chatting about dinner parties and such things
'Oh yes those girls over there are just so below me, they live in a semi detached house and I live in a mansion on a private road' Oh she's such a Rah Rah!
I have been having the same thoughts recently, but not the Rah Rah ones, i just like to keep it random, just for old times sake

Lots of books, articles i have been reading recently have been referring to doing things now, Osho talks about when you want to stop doing something that you keep doing, like binge drinking or smoking
'Just jump out of it'
 Julia Cameron says to be a writer you need to 'Just do it'

What is it?

I have done a bit of travelling i guess and now that the budget is getting tight, I'm so glad i did it, i can draw on all the memories, i have been reliving them in the past few weeks, quite a comfort, since i have been connecting ore and more with the past, it seems like the best way forward is backwards and now I'm leaping forward in a big way.

Now listen to Future Frog, and leap into the future with me!

I have been learning more and more about myself, and i can see who i was and now i can see who i am becoming, and now it seems like i can see a whole new world and people are coming to me, just when Melbourne is turning around for me, in a big way, but not the career.
You what what you need, not what you want
 One of the guys i stayed with in Porto Seguro, Brazil said:
'Kieran, i don't think your very lucky, i think your very fortunate'
When i have always wanted help,  get it, i do pretty good at roulette too

Feeling lucky?

 I'm off to Byron bay to volunteer and help out and be of use on a farm, maybe learn to build a cost effective house with some people i met a few weeks ago?

It's time to roll the dice, spin the wheel and get on with life, sometimes that's the only thing you can do.

Another article read last night was about insecurity, check it out, i can literally see myself being described in it, most people could, but you wouldn't want to hear it if someone told you, oh the joys of being able to read! Maybe being able to read made me insecure in the first place, which reminds me of this

Chris Smither

I remember being in India, while on a meditation retreat and hearing about Attachment and aversions, even a person with nothing can be attached to their opinions, attachments are not just about material wealth.

 Maybe John was on to something, even as a 5 year old?

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