Monday, 28 May 2012

Luv u long time Mary Reiby, $20 Australia!

So, i'm wondering how i got the idea for a story about 'Mary Reiby', and as it turns out, she lived in Newtown, Sydney, i spent a bit of time there myself, back in my day, in fact i'm there right now, but not for much longer, so that probably answers that question.

So, do you know the $20 note folks?

 Yep, you sure do i'll bet, well there is a picture of a woman on it, not just any woman, she was the richest woman in Australia in her day.

Wanted woman?

Whats interesting is she got 'transported' to the colony for stealing horses, her husband died and she got richer, maybe she was able to leverage her experience in horse stealing in her husbands trade?

Maybe she was living proof that there is hope for everybody, a female St Paul?

Maybe one day they will put me on a note? Maybe it will be a 'Note to vacate'?

Maybe something is better than nothing?

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