Sunday, 13 May 2012

Making a home through art

One of the quotes i read recently is
'One writes to make a home for oneself on paper, in time in others minds' - Alfred Kazin
Which is quite interesting, in a way, as  had a similar thought the other night on a bike ride on the Moonie Ponds bike trail.

Some of the 'Graffiti/Murials' i saw seemed to say to be by people that could never afford to buy in Melbourne, but were very much a part of the place, it was like they were leaving their mark on the place, much like how someone with a house might decorate the kitchen?

Other people paint the concrete to make it more visually appealing, if you can afford a house you might find it appealing, while out for a stroll with your poodle in your beige pressed pants, after all street art isn't telling you to buy Pepsi max or a Gucci handbag.

If you don't spend a weeks wages on this bag, nobody will ever like you!!

It takes a bit of getting used to not looking at wall that's artistic that's not telling you to buy things that you don't need, just think of all the $$ you could save, he might make a good job of your living room too, you might never bother turning the TV on again?

Days of being brainwashed and waiting to die, might be a thing of the past, you might start living every day as if it was you last? Or not?

One of the paintings i saw was done with a Painters roller and was
It seemed to say to me
Lighten up buddy, don't take yourself so seriously, you'll be dead before you know it!
And how true too. I was telling a guy called Joe this outside the Juddy Roller cafe in Fitzroy, Joe said

'Sync is a Kiwi, he's a funny guy, they are thinking of making a cartoon based on him'
Learning is movement, from moment to moment - Krishanamurti
What has been evident to me is, the deepest secret in our hearts is that we are writing because we love the world, but t comes across in different ways, from the graffiti artists to the rich guys further up the track that have huge houses, lights on all over the place with no one in them.

A bit too Zen for me, I'm with the graffiti artists

 And on we go... 

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