Friday, 11 May 2012

'Morning pages' are the new 'Morning glory'...i think?

So, quite recently, i discovered the wonder of Julia Cameron.

Julia who? Yeah, that's what i would have said just a little over a week ago, but i'm not sure if she found me or i found her, out in Footscray, i was chasing hope, some were chasing the dragon, i have 2 dragons on my arm, so i was quite ok for that kind of thing.

Something happened and now life is happening, all over again, in fact it happen's ever day, but some days you feel more awake than other's.

I've gone from this

To this
 Julia explains

Yeah, whats the story?

Well it would appear some little insights have been revealed to me, due to a lot of things happening to me recently, the people i've met, things being revealed is probably a better phrase and now i feel like i'm awake and there is light at the end of the rainbow, maybe a little pot of gold?

Julia mentions, how you have to dig for the gold in yourself, any self respecting miner knows this, it's there, you have to clear your mind and dig, maybe be if your a little like Homer Simpson, you might need to dig up, maybe just throw a lot of dirt up in the air and test the laws of gravity?

Who know's? It' all in the process, just do it and you will get to where you need to go.

In order to retrieve your creativity, you need to find it. I ask you to do this by an apparently pointless process I call the morning pages

The door to go north has opened for me, a unique opportiunity in fact, so far it's been too easy, a little too easy, all i have to do is go.

I'm slowly becoming the person i want to be and it's quite exciting, you dont get what you want, but you get what you need, at last i get what i need and maybe, i need to head to Byron and that's what i need, getting back to nature and learning more important things in life than IT, which really isn't happening.

So thats the vision, so far so good.


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