Monday, 7 May 2012

Out looking for hope..... in Footcrazy?

...and i found hope too, in books, one of them had pictures, this one in fact!!

So stuck with a bit of a (dementia?) dilemma, of what to do last Wednesday, i wanted to go somewhere new, something different, cycle somewhere, for lunch? Quite a dementia!!

I've pretty much been doing anything i can think worthwhile every day in Melbourne, bike riding, swimming, where, where new?

Once it starts raining, i wont care to be out and about, i will be quite content to stay in, it might be a nice change?

Where in the world?

Footscray or 'Footscrazy' came to mind. Where else can you go in Melbourne and feel like you in Vietnam, Africa or some Australian suburb that has had it's fair share of drug issues and still does and you can see it too?

 I read a story about how 2 guys eating at Lentels wanted to know what language some guy was speaking, the response was 'English' their response was
'English? That's a funny language'
It sure is funny, and we is doin it!!

Anyways i set off for lunch in 'Lentel as Anything' in Footscray, after lunch, i walked around and before i knew it i was in an Op-shop, and like i always do, i was looking at the book section.

Now i don't like buying books, per-say, i get them free from the library, but i do like buying books as presents for people, that's why its called 'the present', it's a gift!

Once i saw the writing in the inlay of this book, i knew i had to have it, it didn't matter what the book was about, it wasn't about the book, more like the memories attached to the person that bought it.

 Inlay writing caught my attention and captivated me, it really did

At a glance, the person that bought this book knows the person turning 50 years old, about 34 years, at the time of writing, about as much time as I'm alive.

And they have remained friends this period of time, interesting.

Now, I've been in Melbourne since 2000, (12 years to the mathematically challenged) and i feel like i know only a few people, hardly any of them are from Melbourne, it's a little mystery how you can live in a place and not know that many people?

Melbourne in the Autumn

Now that winter is coming in, lots of people are leaving or have left, it's getting bleak on the friends scene, how will i know anyone for 34 years on their 50th birthday at this rate?

Will i start having to be nice to people?

It reminds me of New York, in some ways, when you go to NY, you don't meet many people from there, they are always from somewhere else, not that people visiting NY can tell, tourists think everyone in NY is rude, that's only because they are new to the joint themselves

NY is a transient town, Melbourne too, everybody is renting, short term, everybody minds their own business and doesn't want to get involved and I'm not getting involved in that here, but it would make you think.

One of my friends summed it up
'A lot of people think people from NY are rude, but the truth is those rude people are not from here at all, they come here and make us look bad'
Whats is interesting, if you got to Boston, everybody you meet is from there, grew up there, the place looks nice, people own the places they live in, they have an interest in where they live, it shows when you look around.

I do remember seeing a sign in Boston in Dunken Donuts that said
'Go Sox, Yankees go home'
I guess you wouldn't be inclined to stray too far from home with an attitude like that?

Everyone in NY rents, much like here, they rent someones investment property, who can afford a home, not the people that need them, like family's!

I found 2 other books too

Julia Cameron's 'The writers life', absolutely fantastic, it cost me a $1.50, i cant believe i debated with myself to buy it or not, she is the only person to sum up a lot of my things that happen to be my opinions also, truly amazing!!

Interview with Julia

This book found me, it helped me change my perspective, as it did for my other friends and it found me when i needed to be reminded of why I'm here and what it's all about

The book was previously a present for someone also

Who would have thought i would find hope that way, but i did, there were junkies getting busted on the street by undercover cops, it was all going on, i got a bag of apples for $1, boom!!!!

Too true, Ali was a luck girl! 

I had the best conversation with some German chick leaving Melbourne the next day, and she was a skater too, seek and ye shall find, a totally excellent day!!!

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