Thursday, 3 May 2012

Time marches on...

 I waited a year to get this tattoo, so i got it!

So, it's become quite interesting that a lot of things i have been reading have been related to time management, optimising time, getting more and editing life down to the important things, this includes making an ignore list as much as a 'To-do list'

To do

I saw a tattoo at the Rites of passage tattoo convention, it was easily the best work, by a Jo Harrison from Birmingham, in England, she finished a tattoo and started breast feeding a baby, i guess she has been busy since last year, yep, she was that good.

Jo's work

Anyways the writing on the guys arm read
'A man that dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life'
I was reading a book called '18 minutes', it recommends that you have 5 things you focus on per year, 3 personal and 2 professional and everything you do is focused on that, the deal is you pick things you will get the most benefit from and that's how you will improve the most over a year.

Time management motivates me, every day i have a list of things to do that i have written the night before, the number one thing is always
1,  'Go running', or 'Go swmmng' 
And it flows from there, i get up and i get on with it, from one day to the next and these days make up your life, i do all the little things that make a big difference and i have fun too, which is a big motivator too, i always knew it, i make time for fun and it's in the book 18 minutes too, in fact most of the things i do are in that book, which is kind of re assuring, maybe 'm dong something right after all?

I met a German guy at Confest that told me he was very lazy, that's why he was super organized, i have to say, i could be German too, being organised helps me do all the fun things that do that makes life enjoyable, for me.

I was hanging out with my friend Adrian at the Abbotsford convent last night, he told me
'Mental conditioning motivates me, experiencing extremes'
After thinking about it, that fits in exactly with Brian Eno's view on music

You experience an extreme and come back to a point that's comfortable, check it out!

Now i've had an idea to run a half marathon in the next 2 months, it was my fitness goal, last year, i did 14kms, i've always wanted to do it, so i think i will make a start and that should keep me so pre occupied i wont know which way is up.

Whats the point in getting ideas if you don't act on them?

And now i know what i have to do!

 What motivates you?

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