Monday, 11 June 2012

Culture is used as a deterrent in Queensland

So, i was sitting at a bus stop waiting for my mate Andy to pick me up in Southport 2 weeks ago and all of a sudden i fell pretty happy.

Why was i happy? Well i was starting to think the same thing myself and then i realised it was music, music, music, music the Queensland government was pumping out.

What music? But opera music, yeah, you'll never hear it performed in Queensland

The bus we weren't waiting for

I mentioned this to a 20 year old waiting, probably for a bus, not the Nimbin bus and he said
'Yeah, it's something differnt'
He was probably referring to the music, although i was waiting for the Nimbin bus a week later, and he would have been right and both counts, it is something different!

How do you make these young adults someone else's problem?

You see, government's all over the globe have realised the easiest way to keep teenagers at bay is to play Classical and Opera music and the Tupac, Eminem kids dont want to hang out?

As i left the anthem for Europe was playing, it's sinking quicker than the Titanic, but it's nice to know the Queensland government is keeping the flag flying in Southport!

Anthem for Europe

When i was in Canada, i was walking down one main street and i heard Earl Klugh playing, i like Earl Klugh and as similar, i was trying to figure out why i was so happy, it was Acoustic Jazz!

The Canadian solution

Before America went to Iraq Bush branded Eminem 
“the most dangerous threat to American children since polio”

 During the invasion, they pumped Eminem's music to all the kids in the middle east, just to show them how cool America is/was, all of a sudden his is America's biggest weapon?

Eminem and his music all of a sudden became a tool for the same people running an illegal war

The real Slim Shady, went from terrorising parents, teachers, girlfriends to Terrorists?

Now i like rap, i like all kinds of music, i guess the rap kids haven't evolved to like jazz or classical, but if they do, then what, what would they play?

Eminem battling, it's not war!

Lets hope teenagers dont start tapping their feet to Mozart, or else we will all have to suffer the wrath of Polka music, or worse SKA?

SKA music is the one music that i'd rather play that listen to it!!

SKA was very nearly dead too, but it was revived by a band called 'Madness'

 F*CK Ska music and F*ck you Madness, i will be walking home!!

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