Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Just fill in the knowledge gaps and the Mirage becomes a reverie

I was watching a presentation on Tedx last night by some guy called O E Wilson, now Mr Wilson might be someone important? He was speaking at the Ted presentations, so ''importance' was a given, he was somebody.

Other acceptable Synonyms for importance would include: significance - consequence - moment - weight - magnitude

But none of this is of consequence, not right now anyhow.

Introducing O E Wilson

Maybe his wife calls him 'Orsen Edward'? Maybe she says
'Hey you, yea big good for nothing, would you put the damn cat out already?'
 I know what your thinking, your thinking...
 Is he related to Owen Wilson?

Unfortunately, none of this was going through my mind last night as i was wrapped up, seeking shelter from the element's and Senior Wilson's words were starting to resonate in my mind, the mouse at the controls in my brain was scurrying about.

Yep, no doubt about it, Sr Wilson was making a lot of sense, Junior Wilson is just terribly good looking, but that's another story!

What was Senior Wilson saying? Well Mr O E Wilson was saying things i think too, and he should know, after all, he's a man of significance!

Whats interesting is, Mr Wilson said that
  • Traditional fields of study will grow and meet  and create new fields, you need to cross train in your industry and other non related fields
  • Our scientific knowledge is doubling every 10 years 
Do you get it? 

Do you get it?

We know more than we need to know about whats going on in the galaxy, but do we even know who we really are?
And this my friends is what i was thinking and it's what i'm doing by getting back to nature by volunteering on a farm, the biggest gap in my knowledge is all practical stuff, like
  • Growing anything out of the ground (Supermarkets, Coles esecially, i am done with you!!)
  • Plants (which ones are the good ones and which ones help you talk to the baby Jesus)
  • Fixing things (the city is a long way's away, what would MacGyver  do?)
  • Being useful (What would Bear Grylls do?)
  • Making stuff (love or Porn? Explode like a scene out of MacGyver? What am i on about again?)
  • Somewhere to lie low until September and go back to the big city and live life all over with a new perspective with new skills
  • Chick's dig guys with skills
  • And more importantly, i really need to work on my tan lines, Byron bay is down the road, Hip hip Hurrah!!
Of course, a life time of city dwelling and working in IT prepares you for all the things that are unimportant in life, and that's not to say i don't enjoy living in the city, it's just not that important to my core being, who i really am and probably who you are too?

Maybe it's just another step, a step backwards to leap forwards?
Where ever you start, there you are. Sounds a bit like Snake's and ladders?

Take a look for yourself

Letter's to a young scientist

This cross training is applicable to just about everybody in the planet, a few weeks ago i was talking to a woman that did training seminars for companies, she told me her biggest challenges are
  • Getting people to co-operate at work and 
  • To see that peoples roles in companies were actually co-dependent even though they weren't evaluated for bonuses that way

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