Thursday, 21 June 2012

Oh take me back to the start....

So this week, it was my day off, i get weekends off and one day off during the week, so i went to Byron bay for the day, yeah!!!

So off i went, all you have to do around these here parts is stick your thumb out and that your ticket to ride, people stop, you get in, chit chat, more chat than chit and yo get to the next place.

All went well getting to Byron, the tricky bit came when it was time to leave.

So, after the swimming, running, coffee the brain said
Have a beer Kieran, your worth it

How could i disagree with that logic, but one became 2, then 3 stuck it's head over the fence.

The time in my mind was 5pm, it really was time to go and i went, but the thing is as i was soon to discover was that people don't pick up hitch hiker's when the cricketing rule of 'Bad light' comes into play.

My tough luck, should of known better?

Who was i fooling? Just as i was going to give up on getting the 2nd ride and go back to Byron, i got a ride, i was game on still, or so it seemed and i was game.

So i got in, that guy dropped me off at the next town, he told me i was about 10kms from where i needed to go, now it's not hot anymore, the rain forest cold is after digging in and it's dark = no fun on the road.

The next ride (oh, but they come in series, don't yea know?), well the driver was about as oriented to the area as i was, that made 2 of us that didn't have much of a clue (obviously my counting ability was not hampered by this ordeal?)

A little musical interlude, reader?

My driver was going to Byron bay, for a movie night, you could see Byron bay, it seemed like a logical thing to do?


A world of possible outcomes came into view, the main one being, beer, a giant $5 burger and chips, sleep in a hostel next to the beach, swimming and running in the morning, do you see where i am going?

And so i went back to Byron...and i thought of this song

What strange is i feel Byron Bay, the pull of it, i don't know what it is, but i just like being there, it not anyone or anything special, someone told me it's a powerful healing place, i would have to agree, somehow?

The next morning hitching went a treat, i started off from about the same place again (which was the wrong location too, a comedy of errors)

I asked some guy that came out of a house where to hitch, and as it turned out, he was going most of the way, then i got a ride off of an old Dutch hippie, that was telling be where money comes from, apparently one of them is the Bank of England, who cares, money, i don't need to think or touch the stuff on the organic farm, hip hip hurray!!

The next guy was the post man, i was bouncing around the back of his van for a bit, he's a notorious for his driving, a tradie picked me up and the last guy's family used to own the farm i work on and he was telling me all the gossip, and why people hate the new owner.

All in all, hitch hiking, is a totally excellent way to get around, until some wackjob driving a VW Volkswagen thinks you'd be rather tasty fried up with some Brussels sprouts?

Flower power? Only after you've been chopped finely baby!

And how wold you know until you tried it? You might like it!!

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