Thursday, 28 June 2012

Words fail me, it's time to try a new tack!

Photos are from the Organic farm...  

Myself and Frank from Holland (i keep calling him Fred?)

A chick from Tasmania told me about this song by Billy Brag called Valentines day is over

I quite like this lyric, only because at some stage in your life it would mean more, the rest of you time here on earth, it would be just a lyric.
Whats wrong with me is wrong with everyone that you want to play your silly games with
Valentines day is over

It's funny, being in the country on an organic farm, near Byron Bay. It would appear that i'm so relaxed, i've got nothing much to say VIA the blog, write, writing, written kinda way, that or i couldn't be bothered?

Thats not my intention at all, i want to be writing every day, well most days, right after lunch, maybe it's all the vegetarian clean living, maybe i need a bit of carbon monoxide and steak to get the words rolling along?

Does anyone want to talk about 'Welly Boots?', i get mine made in China!

When bad things happen to people that dont write, it's a bad thing, when it happens top someone that writes it's 'Material', the material i would have written about before all of a sudden doesn't interest me so much, could i be upping my standard? Was there ever a standard?

Maybe i should get out more, get up, get high? Who know's?

Tom Robbins says (someone asked me if he was god, i said of course he is!! Because, he is!!) that
People with  imagination do not get writers block
 I'm not beaten yet, lets try this, forget words (...but keep reading)!!

I've been cock blocked, word block? Never!!

You been blocked?

Now for this, it doesn't rely on as much words as you need to hear this, it's called...

Any movie maker worth his salt, that's into propaganda will tell you people are not motivated by words, they are moved by
  1. Music and 
  2. Images
Top 10 tools used by the Nazis

Germany's most famous film maker movie maker was Jewish and a woman to boot, you could ask her all about this, if yea like!

Music was used in World war 1 too, it was a weapon, this is before Heavy metal came on the scene too!

I remember Cliff em all, a Metallica video, some fan had this to say 
Every generation will attack the next and their
Question is, who do i attack or am i defending?

Did you know, 90% of what you say is body language (see link below) NOT the words speak, which is a good job, because i'm not doing a very good job rounding up these words, maybe i need a sheep dog for my haphazard language, maybe i could whistle sheep dog commands to myself and that would help?

But i digress...
I watched a documentary the other night called The secrets of body language, apparently Obama is pretty handy with these principles
  • He gets talking in a rhythm
  • People don't listen to his words so much as voice tells you how you should feel
  • The guy really gets the crowd worked up in a frenzy
So that was my, doing something-that-didnt-involve-too-many-words

And i'll leave you with this, courtesy of the chick from Tasmania (how random?)

My daddy was a bank robber

Meet Fred from France, i call him 'Fred', weird huh?

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