Monday, 30 July 2012

Bloggers, and whats it's really about?

On of the many 'little things' i stumbled on (the net of all places?) yesterday is video on blogging.

It was about the first bloggers, this medium (the internet), back to cave men.

A blog is defined (thanks google) as:


A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

Add new material to or regularly update a blog

This got me thinking of all the examples of blogging through different times in history? 
  • Benjamin Franklin used to pen letter's to newspapers under the name 'Poor Richard'
  • In Canada, the native Indians stacked stones on top of each other as signposts (the Lonely Planet of the day)
  • Early stone writing in Egypt
  • Hobos had a whole language which indicated important details to newcomers to the area  
  • Dogs, peeing to mark their territory (do you need a link or picture?)
  • Voice blogging, people calling each other on the phone and saying the same thing they said yesterday? Yakiety yak! (Then your government records it and put's your voice on their website, as evidence?)
Some Hobo's posted there messages where other hobos language lovers could read them (notice how 'Can you put the cat out' isn't there? Interesting yeah!)

It's all communication really. Lets take a look at the history of communication

Yeah, well who was it then, the first blogger?

But its more than this, one of the books i'm reading is about the animal kingdom refers to how animals that are territorial

If you can read this, that goes for you too!

Since i dont have assets, land, dog, house, my blog is about all i have, (besides a declining, not for profit, bank account) it's 'who i am' as opposed to who i thought i was, the blogging has helped me figure a lot of things out.

I've invested more time in this than any other hobby, therapy, it'd my domain, .net or otherwise, until death do me part, the domain will continue, i know this, i pay $10 a year for it!

The Rosetta stone (it was the of its time)

Blogging stimulates me (stimuate being the opposite of boredom), just like how animals seek out stimulation through interaction with each other in their environment

Are we done yet? I'm getting tired of writing this
No, just a little bit more? Ok, so...

Which gets me thinking, in the animal kingdom, animals co habit area in the same species as they stimulate each other in that environment, never a dull moment

The study of animal behavior is called Ethology
Did you know until the 1930's only birds and insects were researched

Dance like a bee

The most sophisticated investigation of this kind was the study on Bee's by Karl von Frisch of the so-called "bee dance language", when we begin to understand animal communication, we begin to understand another layer of just what makes us tick

Maybe should blogger's be aware of Fixed action pattern, it is an instinctive behavioral sequence that is indivisible and runs to completion, the animals senses are stimulated into operation, the animal in essence comes alive and becomes more aware of its self, maybe a bit like myself reading a woeful book by a well know author, to turn around and say 
'Right, i can do better than that novel and i'm going to start threading that path!'
When i was a caveman (i love this song)

My blog is my territory, it's my domain. My habitat, my habit, my environment, my world, you can shop and  buy something on Amazon (and i wish some one would, then maybe i could afford a sandwich, with cheese!)

My blog is my legacy to the world and since it's owned by Google, my hope is that it can be accessed long after i have set sail to the eternal never never land and who knows? Someone might get a laugh?

Some people buy a house and that's nice, i am making a home in my art (i dwell in the white space between the words, some spell checked too!)
I have bought a lot of art for my family, they have lots of walls to hang them up

Maybe i make the world a better place, maybe i wont? Maybe it takes time?
When you change yourself, you change your vibe, maybe you have to have a certain vibe to convey messages, whats the right vibe!!!? Oh, god, someone tell me soon!!

The writing's on the wall, or something?

Which reminds me of how Graffiti artists who do art installations (and then run like hell), when you look at graffiti art, environmental art, symbolic clues are there in the art and a messaged is being conveyed

Somehow, you dont see that vibe or see life that way when your pockets are loaded with cash, and you driving around in the latest Peugeot, pity?


And old people, you too don't get it, Graffiti artists are not trying to sell you anything (i just wish you would shop from this site and buy something really expensive, a sports car would be a good thing to get, it would make you look 40 years younger, the ladies will love it!)

All i know is, i have to blog, blog or go crazy, maybe if i bought land and lived on it, my desire to have my thoughts reside on a server somewhere out on the WWW as a series of 010101010101010001010010101....and it goes on... would cease?

Humans are forever evolving and learning to (for better or worse) finding new ways and mediums of communicating, now would be a good idea to look at those old episodes of Star Trek, it doesn't seem so far fetched now, does it?

Chris Smither, Origon of species

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