Thursday, 26 July 2012

Coca leaf flashbacks

Coca leaf's

A guy on the farm yesterday said to me as i was sitting down to do a bit of 'habitual reading'
Hey Kieran, you've been to South America, you try the coca leaf
Does the pope wear a funny hat? I piratically lived on a diet of things consisting with the letter 'C', it wasn't an episode of Sesame st, i had food poisoning really bad, i at the time thought it was the chlli i had at the market, i remember ordering chicken soup, i got chicken and rice, since i was trained as a kid to eat what i was given, i ate.

Maybe i had a cookie here and there, probably there?

Big mistake, recently i was told it would have been the chicken that was responsible for the next month of non eating food, i was sure for the past 3 years it was the chili, how wrong was i?

I proceeded to 'lose weight' at such an alarming rate, it was actually a good thing, the food repulsion hit me so bad, the people i hung out with seemed to be always eating, just finished eating or about to eat.

I chewed the coca leaf and felt just fine and dandy and yesterday i had them again for the first time in 3 years and the memories all came back. As it turns out, coca leafs will set you back $120 in Australia for a small bag, in South America, only a few cents?

Particularly about my time at the end of Death road  and this too

A cat amongst the pigeons?

Whats interesting is how your senses are linked, this has been proven recently by a chef called Heston, your sight of food, hearing, taste, touch is all linked to how you experience eating and tasting food. By playing sea side sounds with one of his dishes, he had people in tears, such were the emotions he was able to stir. Sounds like an interesting guy, self taught too

I knew about this association this years ago, anyone that tries to give up smoking, that likes to drink coffee or beer, all of a sudden has to give up coffee and beer as the associations are linked in your brain, breaking the associations in your mind is the hard part of giving up.

When i was home in Cork, i used to walk the dogs every morning and listen to electronic music, but the experience was linked to the times i would party all weekend, i could re create the uphoria of those times, just by listening to the music and moving, so i would go for big walks, with the dogs.

The mouse at the controls in my brain looked a little like...

The dogs were small too, i was told later over exerting little dogs can kill them, after the walks (14kms) the dogs would sleep the rest of the day, it's a dogs life indeed, we would be back by 10am and they were done for the day, good night, not me, i was only starting off the day with a little exercise

The memories from a little leaf, it would make you wonder?

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