Saturday, 25 August 2012

At last. A politician with balls

A new hero of mine, introducing Michael D Higgins

Imagine my surprise this week when i saw a link for a interview with an Irish president, not that i knew he was the president? The last time i checked, there was a woman at the helm and another woman before that? I have never voted for anything, but my feet have, it's a good job i carry them with me all the days.

Maybe they did a little housekeeping in Ireland, now they have time spare, the boom times are over since i was last back. So 2 or 3 clicks later and I'm viewing this, his name is Michael D Higgins, i knew him as the minister for the arts, but now you can call him president of Ireland!

Michael D taking no prisoners

As a kid i once saw an Australian politician, by the name of Paul Keating put his hand on the queens ass, i saw video of him pulling no punches talking in the parliament and as a kid, it must have had a big effect on me, because all i remember thinking of this new country on the map of my world had broadened my horizon and i seemed to have made up my mind there and then, Australia would be the place i would live.
And I'm still here to tell the tale and I'm glad I'm alive too!

Paul talking about the size of his testicles

I thought as a nation Australians had a healthy disrespect for authority, which was right then, wrong now, the politicians are not in the same class, they should be in the circus, but that's another story

Dont laugh, but lets look at Tony Abbott, the village idiot makes it to the big time in Australia!

The next video i saw, that was on my list to watch was Charlie Chaplin, the greatest speech ever made. take a look for yourself.

Charlie could make a name for himself in politics

Sounds like a lot of humanitarian stuff? And I'll stop there before you start thinking I'm a nice guy, that would probably do 'nasty things' to you in the middle of the night to a good 50% of readers (under the cover of darkness, if you will and maybe some good old fashioned 'bonking', time permitting of course)?

Yes, i am that person, but you cant help but being positively effected by those 3 videos, the words, ideas that cut to the chase of what it means to be a human being and thank god I'm from a country that elects smart intelligent people anyone could be proud of, that even a dog with a spark of intelligence would vote for

Somehow, the 'balls to the wall, pull no punches' politics i liked as a kid, has gone to the polar opposite of the world, like an ice age every 100 thousand years. like Atlantis was under ice for many many decades, now believed to be under the north sea 

Barrys tea every day should have it's golden moment

And now, up steps the old minister for the Arts Michael D Higgins,  to address the mad hatter tea party and tell them what a nation of tea drinkers think, why it enough to make you change your mind about home, life, the world and go home for a cup of tea, Barry's Irish tea after all the whole country raves about it!

After all, they are right, Barry's tea is magic!!

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