Saturday, 8 September 2012

And i was thinking, is Tom Robbin's from outer space?

There is something about Tom Robbins  that's very familiar, he reminds me of something, something resonates in me when i read his novels, he seems to like a lot of things i like and is not afraid of telling us so, he's not afraid to speak his mind, sometimes through his quirky characters, who are odd if downright outrageous and tries to educate us too through his stories of cultures, rituals, one of his inspirations is Osho, who's sole focus was to get people to wake up.

Tom does it all thought his distinctive style of writing, he's probably not the best and how would i know, i only know what i like and stuff like, rainbows have 7 colors and can only been seen in the morning or late afternoon. Am i making myself clear?

Like Carl Cox said a while back, now he is 50 years young and still doing it, Carl, you are an inspiration  too!

'The Rolling Stones aren't getting any better as a band, but they do have a following', Carl Cox has a following, everyone that listens to him, plus me. Tom Robbins has a cult following, his book readings apparently are like the Rolling Stones coming to town, the man is a literal Pied Piper, do you follow?

None of this is any reason to liking him, if i met him, in reality, but it works on paper.
Meeting him might be more akin to waking up a bit worse for wear , looking in the mirror (not the newspaper) and thinking, 'Fuckin hell, i've aged, i have to start looking after myself', which i am, sad but true and wondering if i could gleam any more insight by checking my horoscope.

And inspirational, Tom says, 'There is no such thing as writers block (would you include 'cock block' Tom?), just people with a lack of imagination

You could go to school to learn this stuff, pass classes in grammar to learn to write like Jane Austin to be categorized as 'History', but how could you learn about a Mythical Japanese raccoon dog called a 'Tanuki' sex manic, wild sake drinking all, cave dwelling, shape shifting to a human form all round good guy from a different time and place and that's only the beginning, you wouldn't be able to confess it to a priest!

Zoo's don't stock that kind of Tanuki's

Not 1, but 2 Tanuki, for the same price!

The first few pages of the first novel i read, 'Even cowgirls get the blues ', i remember thinking, that's exactly what i want to do, somehow i felt like he was ripping off, before i even started, and now i've started and i also a woman in the Galapagos saying to me, 'I read that novel when i was your age', it was written in 1977, i was 30 at the time, so it was pretty easy to figure out her age, it still is in fact, i guess some things dont change over time?

I wonder if Tom likes killing chickens or choking the turkey?
I know what your thinking, 'What about doing both at the the same time?'

So, maybe we are alike too, in a funny kinda way?

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